28. Februar 2011

Pinky Things

By request of one of my readers, which kinda coincided with my mood, I decided to go into pinks today :) Baby pink + some darker pink/violet seemed a nice combination to me, so now I'm sharing it:

The polish is Color Club Vintage Couture stamped with Yves Rocher Violin, which is very pigmented and quite good for konading. Hope you like it!

27. Februar 2011

Aaaand Douze Points Go Toooooooo......


Okay, I don't remember if Portugal ever won Eurovision, but someone from Portugal has just won my giveaway :) 


The winner is Akuma Kanji, who is a nail art blogger as well, check her blog if you haven't done so yet! For me it's a joy that she has won, because she's one of my very first followers and most frequent commentators. So I do believe it's destiny :) 
I've just sent her an email and hope to hear back soon.

Thank you all for entering! 

As you know, that's my first giveaway experience, and I should say it was fun indeed :) :) If I could afford it, I'd host giveaways every week or so :) 
This giveaway was to celebrate 50 followers, but now seems that I'll have to do another to celebrate 100! I'm so glad and pleased that my blog is growing, really, and I thank all my readers who give me inspiration and drive for new posts! 

23. Februar 2011

As Simple As That

Nothing intricate today, just accent fingers stamping. That's one of my few dark polishes cuz I'm generally not very fond of them, preferring light ones: pinks (hello, Ivana ;))), lilacs, nudes and lighter shades of red. Anyway, yesterday was way too gloomy, and I decided to turn to blues. See the result: 

The polish is Essence Buddy Bear from LE I Love Berlin, and, attention, it's 1 (!) coat! Lovely dusty dark blue colour, which was so easy to apply.

Little reminder: 2 days left to enter MY GIVEAWAY

20. Februar 2011

Free Plate, Ma'm?

Everyone loves lil presents and freebies - just like I do and I hope you all, too. Soooo there's one for us: free Hello Kitty stamping plate from BornPrettyStore! Do you want one?
What do you have to do?
1. Go to BornPrettyStore page and search for this plate. It should be marked as "only as gift, not for sale". Add it to cart and proceed to Checkout. Register on the site, if needed.
2. In "Shipping method" choose Air Mail (Non registered).
3. In "Payment method choose "I have paid before/Free items".
4. In "Coupon code" area enter BP299.
5. Enjoy life and wait for your free plate :)

I have ordered one :) I'm a big fan of freebies:)

UPD: 01.04.2011: After all these days of waiting I finally have received the plate. Thank you so much, Jessica and the rest of BornPrettyStore team! Can't wait to try it! :) 

In no way am I associated with BornPrettyStore. Provided information was randomly found at this blog and translated from Spanish.

16. Februar 2011

!Tolles Angebot bei Müller!

Jetzt wollte ich einfach einen Kauftipp für meine deutschen Leserinnen geben: bei Müller gibt's eine tolle Aktion! Bis 3.April könnt ihr einen Max Factor Nagellack gratis erhalten, wenn ihr einfach etwas (ausgenommen alle Stifte) von Max Factor kauft! Also, schaut hier, so sieht der Coupon aus:

Das Bild kann man klicken und alle Bedingungen der Aktion lesen.

Für mich war es eine tolle Möglichkeit, um die False Lash Effekt Mascara, die ich sowieso haben wollte, zu kaufen und einen Sunny Pink Nagellack, der auf meiner Wunschliste schon lange stand, dazu zu bekommen. Ich bin total glücklich :) 

V-day is still here!

My Valentine's day was a catastrophe. Like honestly. BUT I'm an eternal optimist (should I buy that Essie polish?) and I'm not gonna take it close to my heart. Instead, I always search for positive aspects. Catastrophe led to some honest and direct conversations which hopefully will make life easier for us both. Anyway, enough blabla, here's my mani:

(Essie Van D'Go konaded with Stargazer Silver Chrome and m64)

And here's Essie Van D'Go pure:

(in day light)
(and under the lamp)

13. Februar 2011


Not very inventive, I know, but still looks nice. What do you think?

I hope that at least looking at my mani my precious bf will remember about Valentine's day hehe =)

8. Februar 2011

[CLOSED] 50 Followers Giveaway

As promised, a little gift for my followers - 50 Followers Giveaway! :)

Sooooo what can you win?

1. Maybelline New York 203A: wonderful coral polish with subtle golden shimmer.
2. Maybelline New York 265: reddish pink with holomicroglitter.
3. Manhattan 78T: deep teal polish, reminds me of OPI Ski Teal We Drop.
4. Famous Essence Louise: top coat with glitter of different shapes.
And of course something for nail care:
5. P2 Kiwi Cuticle Peeling: smells fantastic!
6. P2 Pro White Nail Mask: we all suffer from stains, right? This is a new P2 product which I heard many bloggers wanna try.

All the articles are new, unused and bought by me for this giveaway.

How to enter: 
1. You MUST be a public follower on GFC or e-mail subscriber! New followers are very welcome :)
Leave a comment telling me how you follow, follower's name and your e-mail (+1).
2. Blog about this giveaway somewhere with a picture: post, sidebar, giveaway page, etc. Leave a link in comments (+2)
3. Tweet about it. Leave a link (+1)
4. Add me to your blog roll. Leave a link (+1)

Giveaway is open internationally. Ends February, 25th. Winner will be chosen by random.org.

Some news: I was speaking about the changes. The first and major one is that from now on my blog is going to be in English :) I hope you don't mind. Neither it will be a problem for my German followers, I guess. Although none of these languages is my mother tongue, English is a lot easier for me to use - with all love and respect for German. So be prepared for long English spam posts hehe =) 

7. Februar 2011

Nubar Vaso

Ich hab mich in diesen Nagellack verliebt, als ich ihn auf irgendwelchen Swatches gesehen habe. Jetzt ist er mein :) Die Textur und die Farbe sind beide wunderschön, die Liebe ist aber vorbei: schon nach 2-3 Stunden hatte ich Tipwear..




Fünfzig Verfolger..!!! Woah! Ganz große Nummer für mich.

Vielen Dank an alle, die mein Blog bisher gelesen haben, und die mich mit ihren Kommentaren inspiriert und unterstützt haben! Mädels, ihr seid echt toll!

Zeit für ein kleines Gewinnspiel, oder..? ;)

P.S. Ich habe auch eine große Änderung (zwei, eigentlich) in meinem Blog vor, aber es stimmt jetzt nicht, ich überlege noch. Mal sehen :)

2. Februar 2011

Franken Geschmückt

Hier zeige ich Sally Hansen Hot Magenta und Victoria Shu №16 gesponget über meinen ersten Frankenlack mit dem Namen 5 Hours Pink

1. Februar 2011

Franken №1: 5 Hours Pink

Yeeha Leute, ich hab meinen ersten Frankenlack gemischt :) Auch den Namen hab ich ihm gegeben: "5 Hours Pink", weil.......weil sein Leben nur 5 Stunden dauerte :( Danach ist die Flasche irgendwie in meinen Händen zersprungen, vielleicht hab ich sie zu viel geschüttelt. Also, R.I.P.

Eigentlich ist die Farbe absolut nix besonders, triviales Schimmerrosa.
Zutaten: Sally Hansen Petite Pink
             Sally Hansen Hypnotic Pink
             Sally Hansen Glow
             Sally Hansen Hot Magenta
             Depend 34 
             Lady Rose Unbekannt (lila) 

Ich habe diese Lacke gemischt, weil sie alle uralt waren und in jeder Flasche nur ein Paar Tropfen blieben. Rausschmeißen wollte ich sie nicht, deswegen hab ich versucht was kreatives zu mischen. Kein großer Erfolg, aber ich habe mein ganzes Leben vor =)

Also, schaut mal: