30. Oktober 2013

Nevskiye Berega 2013: Part II + Pool Party

About a month ago (Sep 26-27) I attended the 2d beauty fair in my life :) I'm sure that you have read about my first experience already, and this time it was the same fair - Nevskiye Berega - it turned out to be biannual!  The difference between the spring and autumn fair is only the size - the autumn one was smaller. Some brands/companies were missing, eg. Color Club, Essie, El Corazon etc. So below I'll just post some pics of the newly seen things, otherwise you can see my full report on the spring fair here

First to mention - Dare To Wear polishes. Reeeeaaally attractive colour palette for me :)

And the DTW crackles, although I don't really like crackle polishes.

Zinger: this brand is quite wide-spread in Russia due to their manicure/pedicure accessories. Now they produce polishes too, quite nice looking. I got a great clean-up brush from their stand :) 

Krimle: "American line" they say, but are they in reality? I don't think so.

POSH: never heard of this brand. But it was the only stand they were trying to kick me out from because I was taking pictures. Hmm hmm.

CM Polishes: same here, no idea what they are, but looking boring, don't they? :)

Random brands: I only remember IT Girl. Never tried it though.

What did I grab? Even though I was less enthusiastic than the last time, I got 3 polishes: an old lemming of mine - Dare To Wear Kiss The Rain and 2 China babies (Pool Party and Shocking Pink) that were on sale for 2EUR each :)

A whole roll of lint-free pads, nail wheels and a curls forming gel. I'm a curly girl, yeah :{

Manicure correction brush (Zinger), a new Konad m89 plate and two things that work wonders: Cuccio Nail Whitening Paste (all bloggers have the yellow nails problem I reckon) and a buffing (!!!) and sealing nail file. The latter is actually made of steel (!!!) and I could hardly believe it works, being afraid to apply it for the 1st time even... but it's magic, believe me!

Can't let you go before I show one of the polishes I got, sorry :D Both of them were a spontaneous grab, I think I was in need of extra bright colours. So here it is, now one of the brightest of my whole stash - China Glaze Pool Party:

China Glaze Pool Party

China Glaze Pool Party

Coral/orange neon crelly would be the description, and the name.. it's rather a fire brigade party. Hot as hell and so SO SOOO in your face you can't imagine!!! Notice that it's a neon, but I still think that my camera did a good job on reflecting the colour. Beware, I've seen a lot of "weird" and "wrong" swatches on the web. The shade still worked its wonder, and namely the autumn colour therapy - I did like this polish as a result, even despite its application. 

China Glaze Pool Party

China Glaze Pool Party

What's with the application? Well, it's awful: you'll need 3 to 4 coats to cover all the bald spots. Don't forget about the top coat, because the initial finish is like neon rubber - no gloss at all.

Close-up, although it was not any necessary: 

China Glaze Pool Party

China Glaze Pool Party

I think I'll stop here. Do you buy a lot on beauty fairs? :)

23. Oktober 2013


Finally it's time to proudly demonstrate you one of my craziest lemmings ever - Revlon Princess. Two years after its launch date (and it was a LE! - called Edgy Elegance) I completely lost hope of ever finding it - if it was not for Caroline ;) Now I'm the happy owner!

Revlon Princess

It was love at half site, really. Being a blue foil texture lover, I have a couple of very similar polishes, but this one is an absolute princess - if you allow - among those! The dusty shade of blue makes me think of moonlight, or moon reflected in water, something like that.

Revlon Princess

Revlon Edgy Elegance

Application was a fairytale, it's actually very opaque in 1 coat already, but I think I did 2 just for it to last longer. Of course, I didn't spoil it with any top coats.

Revlon Princess

Revlon Princess

Above are the close-ups. Don't know what's the thing between me and blue foils, but I get carried away looking at this one, really!

9. Oktober 2013

Crazy Giraffe Nails

As promised in the previous post, I'll show my only and not-very-much-loved magnetic polish as a stamping polish. When I use it this way, I like it much better :) So, meet the crazy giraffe nails!

giraffe manicure

The crazy nails of today's post are created with 3 coats of tear_your_eyes_off lime polish - Yes Love Y74 - shown here earlier, stamped with BM-313 plate and the inglorious Flormar Magnetic Twist MG02. Inglorious cuz it's magnetic. 

giraffe nail art

This combination looks quite schizophrenic, I know, but I was wearing it in summer so it looked more balanced out. 

giraffe nails stamping

The moral of this post is very simple: if you don't like your magnetic polishes but you happen to own them - try them for stamping! Or other nail art. You might like them a little more after that :) 

7. Oktober 2013

Magnetic Twist

Here is my confession: I was sure that I will never feature a magnetic polish in my blog. The reason behind that is very simple - I don't really like them. Some look good though, but rather on someone else's nails. Well, I couldn't predict that I would get a magnetic polish as a present from my aunt... whom I adore, cuz she is wearing blue crackles on her nails being a 50+yo public servant on pension ;) That's why I have no choice but to show her gift, Flormar Magnetic Twist MG02:

Flormar Magnetic Twist MG02

As you see, the colour of Flormar Magnetic Twist MG02 is greenish bronze, and the magnet works pretty well although I don't have anything to compare with. Application is... weird. On my point and middle fingers there are 2 coats, on the ring and pinkie - 1 coat. Both options work good, it's just the 2 coats magnetised look more... voluminous. Drying time is great. 

Flormar Magnetic Twist MG02

Actually I liked the way it looked under the sun!

Flormar Magnetic Twist MG02

As I said, I'm not any fan of magnetic polishes, and I wasn't sure I wanted to leave it my collection until I tried it... for stamping. And it worked great! Which you will see in the next post! ;)

Flormar Magnetic Twist MG02

So, magnetics anyone? Yeey? Naah? Last century? :)
What do you think?