22. Dezember 2013

Jeansy Blue

The shade I will never be bored of is jeans blue. I have around 5 polishes of this type in my stash and something tells me some more will appear in the future :) So, what you see today is one of them, the jeansy Pupa #726:

Pupa 726

Pupa nail polish 726

Pupa #726 is a middle blue shade with abundant blue shimmer, which makes the polish look like jeans denim. Application was pleasant, 2 easy coats and a very nice consistency - not goopy, not runny. Pupa polishes generally apply nicely, I find. Also, I recommend using a top coat for extra gloss.

Pupa 726 swatch

Pupa 726

Surprisingly, there are not so many swatches of this polish published in the internet, although the shade is really nice - so is the quality. I don't know if my camera did the justice to the polish, but it's the best I could shoot in the damn full absence of the day light. What I also like about all these jeansy polishes is that they look good in any time of the year.

pupa 726

pupa 726 smalto

Actually, this bottle was a present from my friend who doesn't have much idea of all the polish variety in the world, but she knows I like special shades. That's why it was a big pleasant surprise for me, because she just managed to hit the mark regarding my taste :) 

9. Dezember 2013

White Noise

Remember the White Noise movie? Boo! :) Although the post is about a nail polish which should be called this way. Officially it's called El Corazón Confetti #529a, but if it could have a name, it would be "white noise" - no other options :)

El Corazón Confetti #529a consists of black and white small glitter in a transparent base. The glitter concentration is very high, so I had an opaque coverage after 2 coats only. The first coat dries fast, the second one.. needs some time. 

The surface is gritty (as you could guess :), and not glossy. Which is cool in my opinion because it looks like stone, but if you want a glossy finish you better use a top coat.

Now that's what I call a unique polish! Nowhere have I seen anything similar yet.. have you?

*The nail polish was kindly provided by El Corazón company for my consideration. In this post I expressed my honest and unbiased opinion about the product.

7. Dezember 2013

Step Right Up!

Today is a BIG day for me because I am starting to work for the BIG4. Those who know what it is about will also know that from now on my free time is gonna reduce drastically. Hopefully, it will not influence the blog, but if the posts will be rare or irregullar - I'm sorry in advance : {

Now, to signify such a day I will show you my "lucky" polish - OPI Step Right Up! Why lucky? Because I was wearing it for 2 job interviews and both times I got the job :D Last time I even jumped over one selection step (right up!), but hopefully that happened due to my brains and skills, not because of the polish :) 

OPI Step Right Up

Step Right Up is a light ivory jelly, quite difficult to deal with - to tell the whole truth. The formula is just weird, streaks and bold spots appear all over the place. This time I was lucky to layer it in 3 coats, whereas normally I apply 4. Sorry to say that this polish probably won't be any good for French manicures. Oh, the thing doesn't dry either. 

OPI Step Right Up

OPI Step Right Up

However, every time I tolerate it all because the end result is actually great. The nails have that "porcelain" effect - not quite nude, but still very elegant. 

OPI Step Right Up swatch

OPI Step Right Up swatch

Do you have "lucky" polishes? :)

5. Dezember 2013

Mellow Yellow

Holiday time starts to feel in the air, and I'm still painting my nails with the pastel shades. But what can I do if I have the undying love for pastels :) Besides, yellow is good at any time of the year, even winter. So, the hero of today's post is piCture pOlish Mellow Yellow:

Mellow Yellow is a pale pastel yellow creme, which I have shown in my blog once already. You can compare the swatches of "now" and "then", hehe. What I feel is that the formula became a bit goopy with time, and so I needed 3 coats to cover all bold spots.

The shade is very pretty though and the application is way better than in case of similar whitened pastels. And it dries very fast, so I didn't bother to put on any top coat. 

Actually I did use a top coat, but later on, when I decided to cover the polish with loose gold glitter - holiday time is in the air, I'm telling you :) That was not a rocket sience: working with one nail at a time, I was applying a top coat and immediately sowing the glitter on top of the nail with a fan brush. Then dabbing slightly and letting dry a bit. 

So, are you in the Xmas/holiday mood already or it didn't reach you yet? :)