Disclosure & Copyright

The blog "Das Experiment" is a personal blog written and edited by me, therefore it's a place where I express my personal thoughts and views. On the other hand, I do welcome any opinions of my readers, so feel free to express yourself in the comments, but please no insults or spam.

Pictures and photographs: all the photos posted in this blog are created and uploaded by me, unless otherwise stated. Pictures that belong to someone else are always given proper credits and their sources are indicated in the blog posts. If I do not know the origin of the link, I state that too. 

Usage and copying of the photos: all the text and visual content (photos and pictures) created by me and posted in this blog are protected by copyright as my intellectual property.

  • Any commercial use of texts and pictures* is possible only after my written permission. 
  • Non-commercial use (reposting, sharing etc.) only with a CLEAR indication of the source, i.e. link to the blog/blog post. 
  • Watermark removal is strongly prohibited!
*incl. ebay auctions! Think twice before putting my swatch on your ebay auction! Ebay frantically protects intellectual property rights, so be sure I'll claim such an auction and win a couple of hundreds of euros. Experience proven. 

Product reviews: I do accept free products, samples and testers for review, however, I do not accept any cash advertising or paid topic insertions. You may be sure, that the product reviews are based on my own thoughts and experience and are not influenced by any third parts (except for my alter ego).