24. Oktober 2011

Bongiorno, ladies!! Be prepared for a long post loaded with pictures, it's my way to make up for irregular blogging :)

Recently I thought that it's unfair that I haven't shown you one of my top polishes - Zoya Andi, although I used it 3 (!) times already and even did one tape mani with it. So, why do I like it so much? Because it's a great red shade (although it's 1 tone brighter than my "ideal red" is), very workable formula and.. 1 coater. Red-y To Go should be it's name or smth like that : ) 

Yes yes, one coat! :) Warning: in 2 coats it looks darker. And chips less, of course.


And because (as you might know already) I adore black+red combination, I stamped it with black roses pattern:

What do you think? Too banal or rather ok? =)

20. Oktober 2011

Zeil Avenue

In reality it is of course Fifth Avenue by China Glaze, but I was mostly walking this polish over the main shopping street of Frankfurt - Zeil. Exactly on this "avenue" I found some Deborah Lippmann polishes which I have barely seen live before, so I couldn't miss my chance to play around with them (thank heaven there were testers for each shade!). Look what I tried on: 

Honestly, I expected more from Lippmanns for such a price. Maybe I shouldn't judge from trying them on quickly in a shop, but there's no way that I can afford any DL polish in the nearest future, so until then I'll keep my "unimpressed" opinion : ) 

Much more I was satisfied with China Glaze Fifth Avenue itself: it's a cold dusty rose user- and your_office_colleagues_psychical_health-friendly polish, easy to handle and easy to wear. Although by itslef it chips from the nail tips pretty fast, with a top coat (INM, for example) it lives a long life of 5 days. Don't know, maybe even longer, I just got bored and removed it : )

Looks nice doesn't it? Lately I'm really keen on such classical although not boring (in my view) shades.. Getting older or so.. : )

13. Oktober 2011


Time to draw the winner, shall we? :) 134 entries... Let's draw the winning one:

Random.org says it's number 62. Okay, let's check the name..

I've blurred your e-mail addresses out of privacy reasons, but it's still visible that the winner is....

Sarah @ Chalkboard Nails

Congratulations, Sarah!!! I'm also very glad because thanks to this giveaway I discovered Sarah's creative nail blog, I recommend you all to check it!

Thanks to everyone who entered, and I hope to offer you some more giveaways soon!

And now some food for thought for piCture pOlish girls :) 
I did a little market analysis and sorted all the shades that the entrants indicated by their popularity. Number in brackets = number of times the polish was chosen. See the results below!

Denim is an absolute winner.. I don't have it but I'd love to! Someday, someday.. :)

12. Oktober 2011

Disko Ball Nails

Last weekend I had a kinda important event that I had to attend - the official part of my graduation ceremony, previously we just had a huge party, and now we received our degrees. So I had to invent some festive nail look to match the occasion but at the same time to avoid exaggerations. I think I suceeded pretty well: 

Now let's have a closer look: it's not a nail foil or a silver holographic as it might seem in the beginning. It's a little sandwich from Essie Fill The Gap, Zoya Trixie and Essence Hello Holo that makes my nails look silvery and blingy.

We had gloomy weather all these days, so I cannot show you how beautiful it all looks under the sun, but I still tried to catch the holosparkles:

And a little bonus pic. I don't have kitties or cats to use as a cute background, but I have something else ;) ;) 
[Sorry for the quality, it was cropped from a bigger photo..]

7. Oktober 2011

Ode to Lost Summer

Around a year ago, last autumn, when I just became an official lacquer addict, I was dreaming of one polish [apart from 50 others] and thinking "mmm...the colour is gorgeous, but the best thing is that it would match my swimming suit so perfectly!!". Later I bought it and kept on wishing: "Can't wait till summer when I can combine them together on the beach!!". And now.. now the summer is gone. And guess what - I didn't have any single chance to wear my swimsuit. Partly because of the busy times I had and partly because of the damn weather. But I still wore this polish, just to make some melancholic swatches. Here we go. 

China Glaze For Audrey

China Glaze For Audrey

China Glaze For Audrey

China Glaze For Audrey

China Glaze For Audrey

I guess there's no need to introduce it, most of you will recognize it from the first glance. Yep, the legendary China Glaze For Audrey. With my unworn swimsuit : (  Every blogger has it swatched, right? So I won't go into details: turquoise creme with user-friendly formula. A perfect "Tiffany" colour for many women. I'm totally satisfied with everything about this polish. Except maybe for the fact that I couldn't wear it how and when I wanted.. 

4. Oktober 2011

Giveaway Alert + Random Swatch

[1] I just wanted to remind you that my piCture pOlish giveaway is closing in around 20 hours, so those who didn't entered yet - you are very welcome to do so! : ) Don't miss the chance to win 3 lovely piCture pOlish shades!!

[2] Addressing to followers: Breigh, kaderkismet and Nora.
Ladies, this giveaway ONLY includes piCture pOlish lacquers, and NOT Ozotic shades. Please reenter, I'll delete your previous entries and add the new ones.

[3] Just browsing all my tonns of unpublished swatches, I decided to show you this one: 

Essie Cute As A Button. Don't be scared, these are my old good HELL LONG nails!!! The swatch is about half a year old, and I remember one thing: I was really dissatisfied with the polish. The formula was so-so (3 coats), but the most irritating thing was that it looked really different in the bottle than on the nails (donno if it's visible on the picture)! I expected a complex creme coral shade, and what I got is a boring orange neon. You see this cool gloss on the pic? It disappeared after 5 minutes. And the boring orange neon became half-matte cheap looking boring orange neon. Chipping fast, by the way. Boo, Essie! : (