31. Juli 2011

Kiko Sneak Preview

Walking in one city where I went for a short excursion I stumbled upon a whole Kiko cosmetics shop. It obviously just opened, because it's not even on Google yet. Anyway, it was a great surprise for me.. I spent there half an hour trying not to buy half of the polishes, because they all looked sooo pretty and tempting and cheap.. With a big effort I chose four:

From L to R:
KIKO 339 Fiordaliso
KIKO 340 Celeste
KIKO 288 Rosa Fenicottero
KIKO 338 Lavanda Chiaro
That was a week ago. Yesterday (weekend wohoo) I painted my nails with KIKO 339 Fiordaliso and went shopping. I ended up buying a blouse matching the colour of my nails (otherwise I wouldn't even probably look at this blouse) - yes, I am THAT addicted : ) Here they are altogether:

I'll be showing the full mani next days, now it's only a sneak peak :)

Does anyone else buy clothes to match thenail polish or it's only me being so weird?

UPD: KIKO polishes actually DO have names!!! It's just they are not written on the bottles, but you can check them on KIKO website.

27. Juli 2011


Originally I intended to avoid sharing personal stuff in my blog, but now as some events actually influence my postings, I have to. What happened is that I got an internship in another city of Germany starting right after the end of my studies. During the last week I went crazy while packing and moving. Imagine how it is to gather all your room and just go? : ) I've done that around 5 times for my 20+little years, so one more, one less - who cares. Hence, all those who somehow didn't get a response to comments/mails or to whom I'm really slow in answering - excuse that.. I'm getting back on track. 

So, what does all this imply for my blog? 
1) I will be showing office-friendly shades more often. No extremes! : that doesn't mean that I'll rename my blog into "Das Büro Experiment" and that I'll be spamming you with sheer nudes and boring frenchies. I just say that I'm not gonna be posting crazy glitters, neons etc. as often as used to.
2) Less konading. Less, not none : ) 
3) I might post not so often or unregularly. Although I'll try to keep my rhytm of posting every 2-3 days. My problem is not a lack of time, but a lack of opportunity to use daylight for swatches.

That's it. I'm sure that you'll have some understanding, dear readers, because you are great. And generous. =)

Then, why won't we start with some office friendly mani? :)

Lovely dusty rose - Zoya Zanna. A shade I'll always keep buying. Easy application (Zoya brushes rule!), fast drying, 2 coats. Nothing more to add. Pure love. Or rather a boring "grandma" colour? What do you think?

25. Juli 2011

piCture pOlish Blog Fest: Mellow Yellow

Today I was honoured to take part in piCture pOlish Blog Fest - a worldwide flash mob organized by lovely Australian girls, the founders of piCture pOlish brand. The colours for review were allocated randomly, but I was really lucky to get a trendy pale yellow creme - piCture pOlish Mellow Yellow:

The application was flawless, we all know that the cremes are sometimes hard to handle, but this was not the case. I applied 2 coats and it was enough for opaque even coverage; on the photos I was using neither BC nor TC, I wanted to be fair and to show the polish as it is. And it is awesome: both the shade, and the formula. Not that I'm a frantic yellow addict, but if it is to wear yellow, then definitely this one - pale and subtle pastel looks nice on nails of any length I guess.

That day I got compliments 2 times from random people, including a seller in a Kiko shop : ) She said it's a pity they don't have a similar shade hehe ^^ And of course I couldn't miss the opportunity to stamp over such a pretty base! 

In conclusion: uf, long post with a tonne of pictures, but it was worth it. Mellow Yellow is definitely a lovely pastel shade and a user-friendly polish that left only positive impressions... And Australians ladies are lucky, as I heard, to be able to buy it from a vending machine! Otherwise you can order the polishes from the official site of piCture pOlish, they ship worldwide. 

Thanks to those who made it till the end and I'm very curious to see other shades reviewed today!

*The polishes were kindly provided by piCture pOlish for review, however, this didn't influence my opinion in any way.

22. Juli 2011

222 = 2 + 2 + 2 [GIVEAWAY CLOSED]

222 is a nice number, very mm harmonic and simmetric : ) Moreover, it's a LOT, especially in regard to the number of followers!!! And of course a good excuse to thank them all with a little giveaway! 

I spent some time thinking of how to organize this giveaway so that it would be interesting for every each of my lovely 222 readers, because tastes do differ and I cannot adjust to all at once.. But what I decided is to make this giveaway flexible, so the winner can more or less choose the prise herself. So, someone lucky will get:  

2 x Catrice polishes of your choice
2 x Essence polishes of your choice
2 x P2 polishes of your choice

Now, how does that sound? : )
To make it even more flexible, the winner can make up ANY combinations, e.g. 4 Catrice + 1 P2 + 1 Essence or 6 P2 or whatever. And of course you can choose ANY polishes of the assortiment, including crackles, toppers, treatments, even the current LE's if I can get them : ) 
It's all your choice, ladies!

The rules are very simple:
1) Be a public GFC follower and leave me your follower name and e-mail in the form below => +1 entry
2) Spread the word somehow (twitter, blog, etc.) => +5 entries
3) Answer the question in the form (I'll publish the results :) => +2 entries

Voila! : )
Entries ONLY via FORM! 
The giveaway is for all the followers and is open internationally till 15th of August.

21. Juli 2011

Psychedelic Pink Dust

Usually I'm indifferent to neons and megabright colours, but this summer was SO shitty in terms of weather that something insided me kept insisting on getting a couple of crazy shades. Just crazy shade was not enough and I chose one with crazy hologlitter - Color Club Space Case:

(2 coats)
BUT it turned out that this polish is much more boring in reality.. Hologlitter doesn't really stand out how I expected it to. Disappointed, I decided to bring more bling and topped it with China Glaze Fairy Dust. And here the party starts!

I have some more crazy blingy brights and I'd like to show them soon, but there are some circumstances that might prevent me from doing that, at least for now. You'll find out soon : )
This way or that, I really hope you all enjoy your summer and have a better weather than we here in Germany!

16. Juli 2011

Subtle Swirls

The base colour is gorgeous lilac with strong blue undertone from American Apparel - L'Esprit. Lovely Carolina sent it to me in a swap (she also has it, by the way ;). Below is 1 (!) coat without any base or top. 

American Apparels are still making their way up in my personal top of polish brands :) Gotta show you more soon!

13. Juli 2011

Asphalt On My Nails

Studies are practically over, but I still don't have enough time for myself, including my nails... That's why when I was picking the next polish I wanted something fast-drying, fine-applying, interesting and nice-looking. Milani Silver Dazzle from One Coat Glitter series is one of those winners that passed under that description: 

Indoor it looks a calm grey semi-matte..
but under the sun it goes cosmic, turning into sparkly alien beauty.
By the way it's a liar-polish. Milani One Coat Glitter needs two coats in reality.
The grey stuff I'm holding is a skirt I was wearing it with. Although it's summer and sunny and most of the girls have red-pink-orange nails, I got a bunch of compliments from my friends : )

And a close up. As you see, the glitter coverage is dense. And shiny!

Do you have Milani's "one coat" glitters? Are they really one-coaters in your case?

11. Juli 2011

Master Nails

Ha, you can interpret the header in many ways, but what I mean is that these manicure is different from all previous ones because it is done by a person with a Master degree : ) By me. I finally submitted my thesis and graduated yesterday. For this reason I was posting so rarely lately, I was extremely busy. I still am, but the main headache is gone. Okay, now to the nails: 

For my G-day (graduation, that is) I was wearing Color Club Pretty In Platinum topped with China Glaze Fairy Dust. Together with black dress it looked pretty, indeed.

Pretty in Platinum wasn't as good as I expected, to be honest, mostly because of visible brush strokes. I didn't even make swatches of it alone, I'll revert to that some other time.

On the last pic I managed to catch the magnificent spakles of Fairy Dust. I just love this holoshine, it's amazing!!

4. Juli 2011

Gypsy Nails

This summer for me will definitely be painted green and turquoise! It's like a drug: once you painted your nails with these colours, you can't stop. Me at least, I cannot : ) But that's not all, I also feel the need to have something kitschy on my nails. (Today is a day of HUGE pictures :))) sorry those who dislike it)

I'm wearing Depend 227 (2 coats) topped with Milani Gold (1 coat). Great combination - exactly as bright and kitschy as I wanted : ) I got the awesome Milani topper together with a bunch of other polishes from the giveaway of Stickers, you can check her blog to see her lovely manicures. 

In case you wonder how the base colour looks like - here it is:

I got this turquoise-green shimmery beauty in my very first swap with Annie. It was waiting for its hour for half a year :) 

What's your colour for this summer? Let me know! :) 

2. Juli 2011

Essence LE Nails In Style

A quick post to help those who are interested in Essence LE Nails In Style. I didn't plan to buy anything, but somehow I ended up on the cashier with two polishes in my hands - 01 Style For summer Nights and 03 Style Me Love. 

And extraquick swatches on nail wheel: 

Two nice foils, one silver and one berry. I have a feeling they might work good with konad..
By the way, nail wheel swatches of other two polishes you can see here. To my mind, they are a streaky mess.. 

Are you planning to buy smth from this LE? Or from others of Essence maybe?