4. April 2011

Swap №1

Recently the time has come for me to try out one more nail polish world popular experience - a swap. Actually, I was someday contacted by lovely Annie from Polish This!, whom many of you probably know already, and proposed to swap. I agreed immediately and never regreted about it - the whole process was fun and exciting! All this searching, choosing, packing, communicating etc etc etc- it was worth it from the very first moment untill unwrapping the package. Wanna see what I got?

Left to right:
Depend 221
Depend 228
Orly Gumdrop (look at this cute lipgloss!!)
Depend 218
Depend 227
Lumene Windblown

Annie also included some yummy Finnish sweets, but they didn't make it until the photoshooting :)
Right after openeing the pack I couldn't help trying the newbies out:

On the pics above you see Depend 218, and although I used to have 1 Depend polish ages ago (it has already finished), I still was very excited again with formula and application + it's a 1 coater! Can't wait to try other ones now!

At the moment I'm in the process of organizing one more swap, and of course as soon as I receive it I'll write a post. I should say once again that swapping is a fun, and I recommend it to everyone who hasn't done it yet :) Have you?


  1. Great swap! I love 1 coaters but it is very hard to find one o_O

  2. Glad you liked my package! 218 looks really good on you, I bought one for myself too, just haven't tried it yet.

  3. Два Депенда слева я сегодня с легким обалдением вертела в руках в магазине. Обалдела от цветов и наличию серебрянного шиммера - очень смахивает на Butter LONDON. :-)

  4. @ Akuma Kanji: thanks :) Recently I'm discovering more and more 1-coaters and I'm very glad about it :)

    @ Annie: how not to like these beauties! Seems that this Depend brand is quite good.

    @ Miss Jones: Вы ведь вроде живете на родине Депендов? :) Я у них как-то недавно голографик увидела на свотчах и прифигела, это же вроде дешевый масс.. В общем радуют лаки эти.

  5. Ага, это наша марка, шведская. Голографиков у них не видела, но я не особо пристально слежу за их коллекциями, знаю только, что у них стенды гиганские.