5. April 2011

Banana Kitty

Again and again I'm being convinced that the name for my blog was chosen so accurately. More than half of my posts could start with the words "for the first time in my life...", and so can this one. Yes, yellow. Yes, never before. The only one in my collection so far, but what a pretty one!  

You remember the "Hello Kitty plate" promotion of Born Pretty Store that other bloggers and me were writing about? Well, I finally got it a couple of days ago and decided to try it out: 

Regarding the polish: it's Essence My Yellow Fellow from LE Blossoms etc... I couldn't help buying the whole collection, because these are my favourite creme pastels. So far I don't regret, but I must confess that at least this yellow is kinda capricious in application: all the swatchers said "2 coats", but I needed 3. And then  after the night I had scratches and linen traces (you can see on pic above) or however they are called. But I still like it, maybe because it's unique in my stash :)


  1. Cute Hello Kitty :) and nice yellow color too.

  2. The colour looks pretty on you! :) And My Yellow Fellow needed three coats on me as well.

  3. cute!!! love the color on your nails!

  4. @-Diana-: thanks, I wanted to make black&white hello kitty mani, but this one is apparently less banal :)

    @Madita: thanks! good, so I'm not the only one. I wonder how will other Blossoms polishes be in application.

    @Silence is Loud: thank you! :)