19. April 2011

Swap №2

Remember I told you about my first experience in swapping? Well, I did one more exchange, this time direction South :) Probably some of you already know Akuma Kanji, a blogger who won my first giveaway.. After we've arranged the sending of the prize, word by word we agreed on a swap, and it was totally worth doing!! Look at my cute Portuguese newbies:

Left to right:
Andreia 3
Andreia 75
Cliché Khaki
Cliché Flash
Cliché Oliva
Yes Love 205 (what a brand name and what a bottle!!!)
Yes Love 629
Risqué Energia

What I liked is that all these colours are unique in my collection. In addition to this, my package was full of sweets, I think their aggregate volume even exceeded the volume of polishes :) :) The pack arrived yesterday morning, and it indeed made my day happy and sweet. Thank you so much, Akuma Kanji! :)

Of course the first thing I did after I read the note and ate a couple of sweets - I rushed to try out the cuties. Unfortunately, I encountered a problem: I seriously couldn't choose which to start with... After some time I made my mind. Ladies and gentlemen (are there any lol), let me introduce you Cliché Khaki:

Resume: this polish is amazing AMAZING AMAZING!!! Last autumn I was dying to have Chanel Khaki Vert, but I was never ready to pay the crazy amount it costed. Now I don't know how close would it be with Cliché Khaki and I don't care - the latter is more than enough for me!! No need to mention good application (I loved the brush) in 2 coats and a nice formula that makes this polish look NOT flat, otherwise it would kill all its beauty. I really hope all other polishes from this swap will make an equally good impression to me. Once again, BIG thanks to Akuma Kanji :) Swap, people, it's fun!! :)


  1. Anytime! Gladly you liked the goodies and they all arrived safe :)
    So your break from greens and blues is over again! :P I love swaping :D

  2. Great stuff! :)

    And I like Cliché Khaki; very special color. :)

  3. Wow! Die Farbe ist echt schön! xx

  4. Es increíblemente precioso este color!
    Ya sabes que soy una adicta a verdes y azules en toda su gama... ;-)

  5. I'm a new follower. Your nails are so beautiful :)

  6. Yes, amazing it is!

    I love all those military and khaki colors!

  7. That color is just stunning! I'd say it's even better than Chanel!

    Your nails are gorgeous!

  8. @Akuma Kanji: yes, I had some days when I could wear whatever colour I wanted :) :) Swapping is fun, yeah :)

    @Tassa: indeed, I haven't seen any similar ones to this one. Love it for its uniqueness :)

    @Madita: danke, das finde ich auch :)

    @Angeles: yo también pienso así! Y sí, ya lo sé que te gustan muchisimo los verdes y azules :)

    @rmcandlelight: thank you and welcome :)

    @Stickers: I seriously didn't think I'll like it SO much :)

    @Squared Nails: thank you :) I also have a feeling that this one is even better than Chanel cuz it has no "dirty" undertone..