30. Januar 2012

Post of Joy

Just wanted to share my joy with you : ) Last month I won a giveaway at Sonidlo's blog - I'm sure you all know her for her fabulously neat and pretty swatches! As a prize I got a chance to choose some products of Bioeden shop, which mostly sells bio and organic products, from cosmetics to food and what not. So, after three days of browsing their whole assortment, I finally made my mind and almost learnt Czech. And here is what arrived:

I put a Zoya polish so that you could see how HUGE was the box!! Starting to unwrap: a lot of bubbles and paper : )

Beauties, unpacked. As bio as it can be : )

Upper row, left to right:
Urtekram Rose Shampoo
Lavera Faces Aloe Vera Cleansing Milk
Lavera Hair Rose Milk Repairing Hair Conditioner 
(I love rose scent, in case you don't know yet :)
Lavera Faces Calendula Cleansing Gel 
(tried it already, it smells so natural and delicious!! 
And it works perfectly mild for dry skin)
Lavera Hair Styling Gel 
(a musthave for curlies)
Lower row, left to right:
A lot of Lavera testers
Coconut Oil
Bio Coffee Sachets 
(drank them at work, quite nice coffee!)
And the polish part... It was not supposed to be there, but Sona was superkind: she had a look at my wishlist and enclosed 2 extra polishes, which were... some of my biggest lemmings of all times!!!!!!!!!!!

Left to right: 
RBL Diddy Mow (my first RBL bottle (and box) ever!!)
China Glaze Frosty (how many hours I spent in online shops and evilbay hunting it!!)

What can I say? Firstly, thanks a million to you, Sona : ) I have been reading your blog for ages, and I was so glad to find out that I'm a winner, especially on my birthday : ))) Secondly, these producuts are a real treasure to me, because I'm becoming a fan of natural/organic cosmetics more and more, in particular in my hair care. You see, for some time now I'm trying to follow a Curly Girl Method (my curly readers might find it interesting, esp. "before and after pics"), and the Nr.1 rule there is no SLS, silicons, parabens etc. So that's why I'm so excited about trying these!! And of course, await the swatches of the polishes, one of them I tried immediately, but I'd try both if only I had 2 pairs of hands : )

26. Januar 2012

Humpty Dumpty

Are you familiar with a situation when you have been lemming a polish for ages, then suddenly you get it, you are crazily happy and then... the polish keeps standing on a shelf for a year, untried. Surely some of you do : ) Just like me sometimes.. Essence Humpty Dumpty was exactly this case. Last winter I totally missed this Fairytale LE of Essence and then I was mad at myself later when I realised I want it ALL. Got most of the polishes from a blog sale later. Tried 2 out of 4 so far *whistling*

Totally love the bottles of this edition. The colours too, but... I have major difficulties with describing them. By texture they are all foils, that's pretty clear.. And the shade..uhh. You know what? See yourself:  :)

The formula of this one was nice: 2 easy coats and here we go. But oh well, the colour...Dark grey with a purplish hue and intense silver shimmer? Something like that? Would love to hear your version : )

23. Januar 2012


Do the green olives in Portugal have this colour like Cliché Oliva which I am showing on my nails today? If yes, then I'm impressed, because I normally perceive something else under "green olive" shade : ) Anyway, a controversial name does not make the polish itself less attractive. Moreover, this bottle is very special for me, it's absolutely impossible to get here in Germany and that's why it made all its way from Portugal sent by Akuma Kanji in one of our swaps

Arguing with the manufacturer, I would say it's a green bottle glass shade with a peculiar texture, a special outstanding feature of Cliché polishes. Super glossy and glassy (no topcoat on the pictures!), easy to handle (2 coater, I applied 3 to get a deeper colour) and gorgeous looking. What else to want from a polish? Thank you, Akuma Kanji!!! =) 

Please don't think that I missed a chance to stamp on such a great base ^^ I applied a pattern from a newly bought m85 plate:

What do you think about "Oliva"? How about such green shades?

20. Januar 2012

Deborah Milano #60

A pearl of my collection. If I bought it before the New Year, it would definitely go to my Top-list of 2011! The beauty of Deborah Milano #60 is very hard to describe, both on words and with pictures. It's a purple shimmer base filled with GORGEOUS golden shimmer. You know that I worship the golden shimmer in all its kinds, right? ; )

I tried my best to show all the allure of this shade by taking shots in different light conditions. First two are in a normal day light, it's when the shimmer comes up to the surface: 

On the direct sun (yes, we finally had a sunny day) it sparkles and shines like crazy - I didn't really catch it properly: 

And with the indoor electric light it glows slightly, but still mostly shows its purple base:

Application and coverage were totally ok, 2 coats and you are fine, although there are 3 on the photos: I wanted to see if the colour looks richer if you layer more coats. It does.

I hope you liked it, because I do, immensely. Now what I wonder is how it compares to Zoya Faye, OPI It's My Year, Orly Oiu and such. The only thing I know is that it has a dupe (!) - Kiko #354 [you can see Cristina's comparison here], so if you don't have Deborah Milano in your country (I got mine in Serbia hehe), you can always go for Kiko. That's pretty much the story =)

16. Januar 2012

Kelly Psychedelly

It's not that often that I'm in the mood for such colours, but sometimes I feel like having grey and muddy nails. Painted with Zoya Kelly, for example. 

Nothing much to say, it's all been said and described. Dark grey creme with a dusty touch, covers the nails perfectly in 1 coat, although there are 2 on the pictures. Perfection, if you are okay with the colour. I was, it looked pretty stylish on short nails =) 

Later, when I fully enjoyed the pure colour for some days I stamped it with a kinda psychedelic Konad pattern that I never used before: 

What do you think about such colours? Cool and trendy or just too gloomy?

12. Januar 2012

American Apparel Dynasty

Quickie postie to show you one polish I was wearing in October, but did not post about it because I thought the swatches came out awful. After some time my emotions and perfectionism outburst calmed down, and I actually don't see anything bad in them anymore. Not perfect for sure, but postable : ) This being said, please meet American Apparel Dynasty, a nice dusty purple mauvish creme. 

To my amazement, it was a 2-coater (with a SV top coat on the photos!), but I'm just too spoiled by other American Apparel polishes 1-coat texture.. Otherwise, no complaints about application and drying. I have a couple of similar dusty mauves, so when my nail stick tips will finally arrive from glorious China, I'll try to compare them. So far, that's it : )

10. Januar 2012

When The Cat Is Away...

...the mice are going crazy. So, my boss is still on holiday and I'm using this opportunity to rock some crazy manicures : ) Today I'll show you one of them. But I warn you in advance: you better sit down before clicking the link.

This manicure is probably the most kitschy one I EVER had. And hopefully, the only one I'll hide under the cut.

8. Januar 2012

A-England: 30% Off + FREE SHIPPING

You always wanted a couple of A-England polishes but never ordered because of their price and shipping costs? Today is your day! (picture clickable)

Hurry up, the offer ends soon!

I ordered Tritam which I was lemming for ages! Super happy about it : )

7. Januar 2012

Christmas v.2.0

Holiday time is not over yet, at least for me. Christmas and New Year's Eve have passed, so it's time for.. another Christmas : ) Because I'm surrounded by pretty international environment all the time (both here and in my real life), for the last years I'm celebrating Christmas twice per year. Today is the Orthodox one. So, 

to all of my followers who celebrate it today : ) С Рождеством, Срећан Божић, Среќен Божиќ, Vesel Božič or however you say it in your country! Wishing you all the best!

And now to the manicure. I have to confess you that I cannot stop polishing everything around me with China Glaze Party Hearty. By everything I mostly mean the nail wheels, my nails and even some post cards. If I had a cat I'd paint it as well - kidding, I'm very animal friendly. The last thing I painted China Glaze Party Hearty with was Zoya Trixie

By itself Zoya Trixie is a pretty thing too, it's a nice blingy silver foil. Not with the best formula ever though: a bit runny and dries not that fast. And sorry for my messed up nail shape - I was travelling for 2 weeks before, so all those bag zips and door handles weren't a good thing for my nails. 

I also cannot decide which base colour for Party Hearty I like most: silver, gold, green or white; they all just look gorgeous! What do you say?