31. Dezember 2011

Summary and Conclusions

Almost over. 2011 I mean. Right time to sum all the things up! 
Let's start without any delay. 
So, for me personally, in this year:

My stash: 200 polishes.

Top 5 brands:
- American Apparel: I just love these cremes. Perfect quality, nice colours, great formula.
- Butter London: here I adore the design of the bottle!! And unique shades they offer.
- Depend: the tiny beauties brought me loadsa joy this year!
- KIKO: by the price/quality ratio this brand is totally a winner.
- Milani: just creates party on your nails!

Top 7 polishes:  [in alphabetic order, pictures are clickable]
- Color Club - Fashion Addict: my passion for holos begins here.
- China Glaze - Atlantis:these holosparkles are driving me crazy!
- China Glaze - Party Hearty:unique.


- China Glaze - Ruby Pumps: do I have to explain something here??
- China Glaze - Skyscraper: unique.


OPI - Simmer&Shimmer: unique.
- Studio M - Slamming Red: read the name again. That's why.

Discovery of the year: Studio M polishes!

Top 3 Nail Treatments:
- Lush Lemony Flutter
- Seche Vite Top Coat
- Nail Tek II/III Foundation
Cannot imagine neither my real nor my blog life without them.

And very very lastly:

*This is a planned post and while you are reading it I'm having fun with my friends in Belgrade. I will answer to all the comments as soon as I'm back! Greetings i pozdravi! : )


  1. Happy New Year to you too ;)
    (I thought that you have a little more than 200 bottles, but it's still a big number)

  2. @MissDoll: thanks! I would love to have more, but my life circumstances do not allow for that :(

    @Carolina: Happy New Year to you too, dear! Besos!

  3. I can understand you, I also can't have them all but it helps to read and watch blogs (it's not the same as having the polish but it comes close) ;)