1. Dezember 2011

Snow. Wanted.

You will probably think that I'm crazy but I desperately want some snow around. The more the better. Because I was born in a place where there was more than enough of it, starting from late September : ) Now that I'm here, with +12 degrees outside on the 1st of December.. it just turns me melancholic. So I thought ok, no snow in real life - let's do it on nails : )

This combination which reminds me sparkling snowy surroundings under the sunny clear winter sky is done with IsaDora Blue Sky (yes yes, exactly!!) covered by Wet'n'Wild Kaleidoscope. The beauties were sent to me in swaps with Miss Jones and Carolina - thank you so much ladies : ) 

The base polish by itself surprised me positively. I was postponing to try out this cute pearly light-blue shade because of the scary sign on the bottle - "WIDE BRUSH". You know that I hate OPI brushes, but... I totally liked IsaDora's one!!! Amazingly it was exactly one-stroke-application, with me being able to draw a nice curve near cuticles. I'm puzzled. 

The formula was fine too, 2 nonproblematic coats, happy end. And you don't really see the brush strokes (which I was afraid of) unless you're maniacally looking for them with a magnifying glass.

I'd love to hear your opinion on IsaDora, girls! What do you think about this brand? The brush?


  1. For me, it's the contrary: I was born and raised in a city on the sea, in the center of Italy. It rarely snows and weather is warm even during the winter. Now, for work reason, I live in the North of Italy, in a city where you die because of the hot weather (even 42°C!) during the summer, and during the winter too much fog and snow. :(
    (btw, this polish is great!)

  2. I want snow too! All we get is rain :(
    The manicure is gorgeous!!! :)

  3. beautiful! and it snowed for the first time yesterday...super late for me considering I live in Canada

  4. Your nails look beautiful!This comb is pretty amzing!

  5. Маникюр Снегурочки. Зимний, холодный и снежный. Красивый! Мне нравится :) Тебе очень идут такие оттенки и текстуры.

    А у тебя разве это первая ИсаДора с широкой кистью? По-моему, ты выставляла их лаки и раньше, если мне совсем память не отшибло.

    Про снег - согласна, тоже хочу снега. Второе декабря на дворе, а снега нет, парадокс.

  6. Глиттер на голубом смотрится потрясающе! Никогда не видела, и сейчас меня это сочетание прямо изумило.

  7. Как ты его облагородила! Потрясающий результат
    На тебе даже голубой перламутр красиво выглядит )))

  8. @Cristina - PeeBeforePolish: ooo at least you have seasons change now!! We didn't have any summer here this year, same goes for winter it seems! :(

    @Anutka: thank you!! so you can understand my feelings about wanting a real winter :)

    @whimsicalglam: thanks! Well, at least it did snow where you are.. *sigh* I have no idea when and if we'll have snow here..

    @Pinkbeauty_love: thank you! :)

    @Miss Jones: у меня это вообще первая и единственная Исадора.. я всё шугалась их кистищи!) теперь не буду.

    @pchelka217: да я сама на ромашке их случайно вместе накрасила и пришла в восторг) решила вот на ногтях повторить..

    @Antallex: ну почему даже)) я вот ничего против перламутра не имею, если штрихи от кисти не видны.. видимо фобия продавщиц с белыми перламутровыми ногтями обошла меня стороной)

  9. I don't own this brand but the combination is just gorgeous :)

  10. @MissDoll: thanks! seems this brand is not any popular :)