28. November 2011

Squared Stamping

Moin moin!
This post is devoted to those readers who love stamping as much as I do, but who missed seeing it in my blog! So here is some for you:

You can notice that my nails are usually too long for standard Konad images, so I have to be somewhat inventive : ) For this "nail look" I've been using Manhattan 96E as a base colour and CG 2030 for stamping. Manhattan was very easy to apply (2 coats), and totally pleasant to work with. Some pure swatches:

What I can tell is that this polish is ranging from grey to brown depending on the light, it's a taupe, or "greige", if you want. Under the artificial one it becomes somewhat brownish:

Generally I'm supersatisfied with Manhattan brand, although they don't really have a wide range of interesting colours, you can always find some pearls. And the quality is always on top level! As well as the price.


  1. Ну и красотища же получилась! Не додумалась бы отступить, так бы и страдала оттого, что всего рисунка не хватает ))
    И я давно на эту пластину конадовскую смотрю, чую, надо брать )
    Ты опять ногти отрастила? Вымахали ого-го!

  2. Очень красивый маникюр! Золото сейчас особенно актуально :))

  3. Great nail-art!
    Love the colors together!

  4. wow this looks really nice, I never thought about using this stamp this way!

  5. Gorgeous! Perfect nails, I absolutely love this color and the stamping design =)

  6. Very pretty :) I have total nail envy whenever I look at your pictures

  7. Beautiful - novel way to use that stamp. I love it!

  8. I love that Konad pattern, I tried to use it several times, but every time I obtained only ugly results. :D
    Love the color combo too! :)

  9. @mrsrexy: ow, thank you!

    @Antallex: да это ж разве огого? Вот в былые времена.. *приступ меланхолии* :) А пластинка эта одна из моих первых и любимых!

    @Nataly: ага, я заметила, что тебя на золото и бирюзу тянет :) Меня впрочем тоже)

    @DashicaShirley: thank you! :)

    @Polish AMOR: thanks, I have too long nails to use it properly :)

    @Jacqui, Hennie: thank you, ladies! :) I'm glad you liked it!

    @Nailstyle: need is the mother of invention, so we say :)

    @Cristina - PeeBeforePolish: thanks! it was the same with me, these bricks just never came out fine until I turned them upside down :)

    @Sandra: thank you! :)

  10. The stamping so beautiful! I love it :)

  11. This base color from Manhattan is just gorgeous and I would never thought that gold stamping looks so good on it, I love it