27. Februar 2012

Depends on Depends

For those who are tired of crazy stamping, glitter and variety of colours from my latest posts - today I'm showing one_single_plain_polish_even_not_stamped : ) Simply because it's beautiful and self-sufficient on its own. All the fuss is about Depend 221, one of my Depend stash department.

(On top: Depend 221
Down, left to right: Depend 218, 227, 243, 228)

To be honest, I have no idea how to describe the colour, it's exactly inbetween blue and green. Turquoise? Aqua? Greenish blue? Blueish green? You decide.

All the photos show 2 coats of polish and no top coat. Application was great, it's the same great quality for all Depend polishes I have.

Below I tried to capture the texture: it's amazing! The polish is stuffed with silver shimmer, which is small enough to become chunky flakes, but big enough to be seen on nails. Looks like it's a sister polish of Butter London Victoriana, which is one of my favourites ever.

So far, I love all Depend polishes I have - and you? Any opinion on Depend?

25. Februar 2012


Showing you the result of a couple of weekends work : )

133 out of 150 tips painted, predominantly cremes.
I had a lot of fun, revised my stash, and amazingly didn't discover almost any dupes : )
Although I realised that I have too many mint greens, taupes and pinks.
Conclusion: I strongly recommend this activity to every nail polish addict!!! : )

23. Februar 2012

Carnival Nails

Carnival in Cologne - have you ever heard of that? That's what was going on whole last weekend : ) Since I live very close to Köln, I took a direct and active part in celebrating : ) Although I didn't have a cool costume, I had blingy nails instead! 

Milani Gems is one of my favourite glitters ever, and I always wanted to try it over blue, so I did. On the photos you see 2 coats of Zoya Jo topped with Gems. More combinations of Gems and other backgrounds are planned : )

P.S. Gems actually remind me of the Angry Birds background in Birthday Party episode :D :D

20. Februar 2012


Last manicure of "Valentine" series (I promise). The idea stroke me long ago, and finally I implemented it. Actually I'm very satisfied how it came out: both the colour combination and the stamping work, especially if to mention that I was using normal polishes for stamping, and not the Konad ones. 

konad hearts

konad hearts

konad hearts

konad hearts

konad hearts

konad hearts

Used products:
Base polish: China Glaze Light As Air
Stamping plate: m73
Stamping polishes: OPI Done Out In Deco
Finger Paints Heavenly Hydrangeas
Catrice Plum Play With Me

One of my favourite manicures ever. Some time later I plan to repeat it in pink shades. What do you think? : )

16. Februar 2012

Valentine's Present

I start to suspect that 1) my boyfriend got a clue that I like nail polishes slightly above average; and 2) that he actually listens to what I'm blabbering, because I wanted this polish for ages (I even showed him swatches once - a year ago lol) and it's by far the most wanted one from Chanel for me, but he couldn't skim my wishlist because he has no idea about this blog. Love.

If he was reading this, I'd write "thanks" million times in a row, but he's not, so I'll just tell you that I got a star of my collection. You know, like these stars on top of a Christmas tree. High above. At least price-wise : ) : )

14. Februar 2012


Here it is, this day again. Never in my life have I spent it snogging with a guy in a cafe with a bunch of roses lying on the table, or watching dramatically cute pink movie and eating heart-shaped chocolates that he [impersonal] presented me. Not even in the last 3 years that I have a boyfriend - he comes from a funny land where they only celebrate start and end of all wars possible, but not St. Valentines. When I was 15, I used to stress about it, but after 20 I don't care anymore. Still, for me it's a nice day because I see happy couples all around, and a depressing one, because I'm out of all that. Hence, the manicure. Pinky base but still black roses. 

Products used:
Base polish: Essie Guchi Muchi Puchi (3 coats)
Konad image plate: m65
Stamping polish: Konad Black

Hopefully you'll be spending this day in a much better way than me - this post turned out way more depressive than I planned it, but ok, at least you'll finally see some other mood of mine than eternal world-loving optimism. Hehe : )


13. Februar 2012


To be very honest, I was just testing a new Konad plate, but accidentally it turned out like St. Valentine's Day style manicure - well and good, I'll show it : )

Used products: 
Base polish: OPI Flower-To-Flower
Konad image plate: m59
Stamping polish: American Apparel Berry

Wearing this I felt a bit childish, but the funny thing is that exactly for this mani I got a compliment from a 50+ y.o. lady who works in our office canteen ; ) ; ) Should mean something then : ) 

11. Februar 2012

How I Am Spending My Weekend...

... is this.

Long way to go, ugh.

UPD: Just thought some of you might wonder..
Nail tips stick were bought on ebay. Quality is fairly good.
#1: lxdstation - 3,20€ per 50 sticks
#2: zysysy2012 - 3,72€ per 50 sticks

6. Februar 2012

Berry Swirls

Such a shame that I haven't posted about American Apparel Berry up to now... I was not wearing it until recently either. Now I really feel bad after I realised what a jewel I've had in my stash all this time and I was not paying any attention to it. Intense and juicy burgundy colour (or berry, as you like), easy application, nice gloss, coverage in 1 coat (although 2 + TC on the photos), fairly long wearing time - all this you can get if you have Berry. Sometimes topped with compliments from other people : )

After a couple of days that I fully enjoyed the colour, I stamped it with AA Rose Bowl, which by itself doesn't really match my skin tone. Oh well, at least I made some use of it as a stamping polish:

One more note: although I have nothing to complain about on this particular polish, such shades - deep red, berry, burgundy etc. - are very demanding during the application. One wrong move and the polish is all around your cuticles (can be seen on my index finger), and there's nothing you can do - it just won't leave if you try to clean up. Or maybe some of you know any secrets of the universe i.e. how to avoid or correct it? : ) I'd be glad to know!

2. Februar 2012

Dreams Come True!!...

...and you start to believe in eternal justice when suddenly your polish lemmings fall on your head. So happened to me recently, when I unexpectedly got China Glaze Frosty from Sonidlo. Since last Christmas (LOL I just found Sona's post in December 2010 and me commenting that I love this polish) I was slobbering over Frosty and Party Hearty having no idea how to get them, but now that I do I'm happy : )

Frosty is a white shimmer polish, totally winter shade. However, it's pretty tricky, too: if you are lucky, you will get "frozen" or "Snow White" nails, if not - red lobster hands. I was lucky in real life, but my camera decided to play some bad joke and was giving me crimson fingers, so I had hard times with shooting the photos. Oh, I'll be fair, the application was neither so easy: I needed 3 coats to get the VNL covered, and I wouldn't say Frosty dries super fast. But I was aware of it because I read so many reviews before : ) Shall we see the polish?

Actually I did some snowy-themed stamping too, but it turned out waaaaay too subtle. One can barely see it:

No doubt, Frosty is one the winter-friendly polishes ever but...no idea why, I want to try it in summer on tanned hands.. : ) Just as an experiment.