4. Juli 2011

Gypsy Nails

This summer for me will definitely be painted green and turquoise! It's like a drug: once you painted your nails with these colours, you can't stop. Me at least, I cannot : ) But that's not all, I also feel the need to have something kitschy on my nails. (Today is a day of HUGE pictures :))) sorry those who dislike it)

I'm wearing Depend 227 (2 coats) topped with Milani Gold (1 coat). Great combination - exactly as bright and kitschy as I wanted : ) I got the awesome Milani topper together with a bunch of other polishes from the giveaway of Stickers, you can check her blog to see her lovely manicures. 

In case you wonder how the base colour looks like - here it is:

I got this turquoise-green shimmery beauty in my very first swap with Annie. It was waiting for its hour for half a year :) 

What's your colour for this summer? Let me know! :) 


  1. Oh my! this looks BEAUTIFUL :)

  2. WOW! Hогти египетской царицы!

  3. I love the base color!! But the Milani one is just amazing :)

  4. This Depend is such a beautiful shade!

  5. Very pretty! And it looks just gorgeous with Milani - Gold! ♥

  6. Уж на что к такому шиммеру отношусь скептически, он тут с аксессуарами - красота!
    Ну а отдельно основной цвет волшебный...

  7. Love the turquoise polishes! Looks soo pretty ^^

  8. I also love this combo. Your nails look perfect as always. =)

  9. Rich nails!!!


  10. This is stunning! I really like my greens too ~

  11. Love this combo! I need to try it too, it looks so pretty. I have that Depend too and haven't yet polished with it, but now I have to as it looks so pretty on you. :)

  12. I love it! Me encanta el efecto con Milani Gold!
    Beautiful... as always!!!

  13. Thanks for mentioning me!
    I totally like the name of this post: gypsy nails. Awesome. Especially on the photo with those bracelets.
    I think this is the best use of that Milani I've seen so far, great idea!

  14. Богато! Фото с браслетами - вообще умереть -не встать красота. :)

  15. Wow soo pretty love the base by itself too <3

  16. Wow, only one coat of the Milani Glitterpolish, and you'll get so much glitter!? Very nice! I understand why you love this combination :)

  17. I had never noticed this nail polish was so amazing! And I love it with the gold topper :D This summer I think I'm more into coral like nail polishes and oranges, but my swim wear is a shade liks this nail polish of yours so I usually paint my nails with a match :P otherwise corals and oranges will be! :D

  18. Linda adorei nossa muito bonita suas unhas!

    Ótima semana
    Beijos coloridos!

  19. @Sara.H: thank you so much :)

    @alluring_mum: хехе, интересная ассоциация :) только я думаю в качестве базы египетская царица использовала бы черный или золотой.

    @Honolulu: thanks, I love them both too :)

    @Biba: yea, I like it too!

    @Ivana: thanks, I love Depend both by itself and with these kitschy gold glitter :)

    @Antallex: спасибо :) А мне нравится крупный глиттер, если он уместен, конечно.

    @Sharon: thanks, me too! I thing I'm gaining addiction to this colour :)

    @Nihrida: thank you ^^

    @Gigi: thaaanks :)

    @Freshie: thanks!! greens rule on my nails this spring/summer!

    @Annie: yeees, try it, it looks great on nails, much more captivating than in the bottle!

    @Carolina: gracias, Carolina :)

    @Stickers: surely I'd mention you, that was such an awesome prize!! P.s. these are earrings, not bracelets :)

    @Miss Jones: спасибо :) Только это мои мегакитчевые сережки :)

    @-Diana-: thanks :) I love this bright turquoise too! :)

    @KimsKieNails: yea it's only one coat but I was applying it with "sponging" moves, not like usually just making brush strokes.

    @Akuma Kanji: I love oranges too, but with some little exceptions they don't suit my skin tone :( I have a turquoise swim wear and I was planning to wear CG For Audrey for the whole year, but it turned out that I just won't have the occasion to go to the beach this summer :(

    @Margareth Gervason: thanks :)