2. Juli 2011

Essence LE Nails In Style

A quick post to help those who are interested in Essence LE Nails In Style. I didn't plan to buy anything, but somehow I ended up on the cashier with two polishes in my hands - 01 Style For summer Nights and 03 Style Me Love. 

And extraquick swatches on nail wheel: 

Two nice foils, one silver and one berry. I have a feeling they might work good with konad..
By the way, nail wheel swatches of other two polishes you can see here. To my mind, they are a streaky mess.. 

Are you planning to buy smth from this LE? Or from others of Essence maybe?


  1. YES, want pink one for sure, but it's a question if I'll be able to get anything from this LE. :/ My local store still have empty blossoms for agees...

  2. They are beautiful!!!
    They are really nice colors!

  3. @Ivana: I could guess it :) Tell me if you don't find it, I may send you one (:

    @rock-or-not: I like them too, but I have no idea how they'll look on my nails..

  4. I was curious to all of these LE, and now I am only curious to the other two.

    The berry one looks amazing, the other one doesn't look great for me... but perhaps I just need to see them on nails!

  5. Ow!! I wish I could have all of them!!



  6. Que lindos adorei!
    Ótimo domingo
    beijos coloridos!

  7. @Maartje: I was curious about all 3 Essence July LEs, but when I saw them live.. boo. I just got these two polishes. The silver one is smth like Zoya Trixie or CG Cheers To You, and I'm a big foil finish lover :)

    @Gigi: well, you can :)

    @Margareth Gervason: o brigado :)