13. Juli 2011

Asphalt On My Nails

Studies are practically over, but I still don't have enough time for myself, including my nails... That's why when I was picking the next polish I wanted something fast-drying, fine-applying, interesting and nice-looking. Milani Silver Dazzle from One Coat Glitter series is one of those winners that passed under that description: 

Indoor it looks a calm grey semi-matte..
but under the sun it goes cosmic, turning into sparkly alien beauty.
By the way it's a liar-polish. Milani One Coat Glitter needs two coats in reality.
The grey stuff I'm holding is a skirt I was wearing it with. Although it's summer and sunny and most of the girls have red-pink-orange nails, I got a bunch of compliments from my friends : )

And a close up. As you see, the glitter coverage is dense. And shiny!

Do you have Milani's "one coat" glitters? Are they really one-coaters in your case?


  1. it looks great! and it matches the clothes your hold in your first pic perfectly :)

  2. I have one Milani but I still didn't try it. :) But I'm sure it's not one coater too! This one looks so great on you, like very rough in a good way. :)

  3. Wow! This is the first time I've seen this color showcased. Fabulous!

  4. Very beautiful, but indeed: not really a summer color (very nice, though!)

  5. Perfect Nails!! And, I really love this collor!! Humm...I don´t have anyone of this collection, so, I can´t say about the coats...



  6. I have the purple one and it also needed two coats. It's still quite good for a glitter polish, but it's not really what they are saying.. Anyways, this looks really good on you! I might need to get this one too..

  7. I gotta have this!
    Love it soooo much!

  8. Oh I really love this color looks awesome :)

  9. I don't have any of these but I LOVE this on you!!

  10. Wow!!! This one is going on my wishlist!!!! It is astounding!!!!! O__O I love it!!! *_____*

  11. Friend, it is beautiful.
    I want to \o/

  12. Hey!
    I've got that!
    Time to try it out!

  13. Nice colour! I like that it looks matt :)

  14. Какой интересный эффект у лака! Правда, очень похож на "твидовые" тканевые ногти.

  15. Looks great! I've found the ones I've tried from this line look better with 2 coats--could probably get away with one if you really used a thick coat.

  16. @Theodora R.: thanks! yeah, I was surprised myself when I found out that I have a skirt matching to this polish :)

    @Ivana: thank you! Let me guess, you have the red one? You should try it asap, I'd love to see your swatches! :)

    @Laura @ Sawan-Heaven: oh thank you, that's quite a pleasant compliment :)

    @KimsKieNails: yea, right, but where I live now during the last months we have kinda October weather :(

    @Gigi: thank you :)

    @Annie: thanks! Oh well I'm always sceptical about promises like "dries in 60 seconds", "7 days no chip" etc. :)

    @Soraya: well, you should! It's a great one! :)

    @-Diana-: thankz! It's a cool one indeed)

    @Ash-Lilly: thank you :)

    @Akuma Kanji: I knew you'd like it :D Cuz it's unusual, right? :)

    @tata-nadaver: thank you :)

    @Paillete: you definitely should!! I had it half a year among my untrieds and now I regret :)

    @Elsa P.: I love it too, it looks very calm and matte indoors!

    @Miss Jones: да, особенно в помещении! Жаль, что такая красота у меня полгода среди неопробованных стояла(

    @KarenD: in 1 coat they aren't dense enough to my taste.. But the whole line is super pretty!

  17. Действительно асфальт. Oчень нравится!

  18. @Akuma Kanji: yeps :)

    @Natalia: :) мне тоже, за необычность.

  19. oh I love love love love it! Grey with sparkles = so pretty!