16. Juli 2011

Subtle Swirls

The base colour is gorgeous lilac with strong blue undertone from American Apparel - L'Esprit. Lovely Carolina sent it to me in a swap (she also has it, by the way ;). Below is 1 (!) coat without any base or top. 

American Apparels are still making their way up in my personal top of polish brands :) Gotta show you more soon!


  1. One-coaters are cool :) I just looove the subtle swirls, it makes the manicure so elegant :) Btw, I think I said it before, but your nails are so amazing! Perfect shape, perfect length ....love it!

  2. Gorgeous design! I can't believe that's one coat! Super impressive. I have nail envy when I see your pictures :)

  3. Очень изящно и нежно!

  4. I love your nails!
    L'Esprit is perfection!

  5. I always loved the bottles of American Apparel but now I am loving all the gloss too!:D Hmmmm I might become a fan! ;) Show us more please! :)

  6. Какая невероятная нежность! А форма ваших ногтей меня каждый раз при просмотре повергает в релакс )) если это в принципе возможно ))
    Очень красиво и элегантно

  7. Ochen' krasivi manicure! Ot tsveta ya prosto be uma :)

  8. @Theodora R.: ah, thanks a lot :) It's so pleasant to read the compliments to my nails :) Yeah, one coaters make life easier :)

    @The Nail Buff: thank you :) I was surprised as well when I saw how dense the formula is!! Amazing.

    @Miss Jones: спасибо! у тебя ведь тоже есть этот лак? :)

    @KimsKie's Nails: thanks :)

    @Carolina: thaaanks :) And I'm so grateful you sent it to me, it's really perfection!

    @Akuna Kanji: I will, surely! You know, when I first took an AA bottle in my hands it seemed so tiny to me ^^ Somehow I always imagined them bigger from the photos.. But I like their square shape too, they are actually convenient.

    @Antallex: ого, очень приятно читать такие комплименты!! Мне ваши тоже нравятся, мне кажется, они схожи чем-то :) И давайте на ты?)

    @-Diana-: :)

    @Anutka: спасибо :) Мне тоже этот цвет ооооочень нравится, да и сам лак)