11. Juli 2011

Master Nails

Ha, you can interpret the header in many ways, but what I mean is that these manicure is different from all previous ones because it is done by a person with a Master degree : ) By me. I finally submitted my thesis and graduated yesterday. For this reason I was posting so rarely lately, I was extremely busy. I still am, but the main headache is gone. Okay, now to the nails: 

For my G-day (graduation, that is) I was wearing Color Club Pretty In Platinum topped with China Glaze Fairy Dust. Together with black dress it looked pretty, indeed.

Pretty in Platinum wasn't as good as I expected, to be honest, mostly because of visible brush strokes. I didn't even make swatches of it alone, I'll revert to that some other time.

On the last pic I managed to catch the magnificent spakles of Fairy Dust. I just love this holoshine, it's amazing!!


  1. Congratulations on your graduation!

  2. Красивенный стильный маникюр! С черным платьем отличное сочетание.

    Поздравляю с получением степени! :) Очень важное событие в жизни.

  3. Congratulations on your degree! :)

  4. Congrats for a degree. :)

    This polish is so beautiful, especially on the last photo.

  5. congrats!!!
    great color and superb nails :-D

  6. Congratulations on your Graduation!
    You did an special manicure for special day.

  7. Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Abschluss! :)

  8. Such a pretty color...

    Btw, congrats on your graduation!


  9. I just wanted to add, that you have two awards on my blog. :)

  10. Congrats on ur graduation! I'm sooo happy for you. :)
    And ur nails are just perfect. Love it!

  11. Congratulations!!! I also love the nail polish! :D

  12. Dear girls,
    thanks a million for your congratulations and warm wishes :) It was extremely pleasant to read! Your comments and support mean a lot for me.. :)