27. Juli 2011


Originally I intended to avoid sharing personal stuff in my blog, but now as some events actually influence my postings, I have to. What happened is that I got an internship in another city of Germany starting right after the end of my studies. During the last week I went crazy while packing and moving. Imagine how it is to gather all your room and just go? : ) I've done that around 5 times for my 20+little years, so one more, one less - who cares. Hence, all those who somehow didn't get a response to comments/mails or to whom I'm really slow in answering - excuse that.. I'm getting back on track. 

So, what does all this imply for my blog? 
1) I will be showing office-friendly shades more often. No extremes! : that doesn't mean that I'll rename my blog into "Das Büro Experiment" and that I'll be spamming you with sheer nudes and boring frenchies. I just say that I'm not gonna be posting crazy glitters, neons etc. as often as used to.
2) Less konading. Less, not none : ) 
3) I might post not so often or unregularly. Although I'll try to keep my rhytm of posting every 2-3 days. My problem is not a lack of time, but a lack of opportunity to use daylight for swatches.

That's it. I'm sure that you'll have some understanding, dear readers, because you are great. And generous. =)

Then, why won't we start with some office friendly mani? :)

Lovely dusty rose - Zoya Zanna. A shade I'll always keep buying. Easy application (Zoya brushes rule!), fast drying, 2 coats. Nothing more to add. Pure love. Or rather a boring "grandma" colour? What do you think?


  1. Cogratulations on your internship!

    Zanna is an awesome shade! I didn't even know about it...

  2. It's totally beautiful and safe color. I need more of them too, especially when I'm not in the mood of wearing bright colors. :) And don't worry about posting office-friendly shades, you can make every shade just perfect! :)

  3. If all boring manis are like Zoya Zanna I won't ever complain about the change!

  4. Поздравляю!
    Что касается лака - на первой фотографии застыла просто, он идеальный. Что-то я тоже захотела учиться или работать, чтоб носить только лишь такую красоту, а синие и зеленые - по выходным ))

  5. Замечательная Зоя! Уверена, что твои "офисные" свотчи будут такими же замечательными, как и "студенческие" :)

  6. A grandma color? Call me a grandma then, cause I think Zoya Zanna is beautiful... I'll take it! And the matching mug too, lol.

  7. Have fun with you internship! Lovely color.

  8. Congratulations!

    I like that your nails (which look lovely and it's not a grandma color) match your mug.

  9. Congrtulations on your internship! I'm excited to see your "office friendly" manis.
    I work in a hospital and it is hard to do crazy colors/stamping... Mine are usually limited to days off...

  10. Congratulations on your intership! And this color is really beautiful, love it!

  11. Congratulations, internship is always an excellent news! And I adore your nails, no matter what you wear on them, so you just do everything by the pace that suits you best and we'll keep on clicking. :)

  12. your nails are gorgeous! and I love this Zoya!

  13. Congrats on the internship! This is great news!

  14. Not boring at all! It's a peaceful passion in that colour! :D I love it ^__^ Oh, and good luck with everything! Keep us informed how are things going :)

  15. It's a beautiful color. My grandma's nails can't compare to yours.

  16. Dear girls, thank you for your congratulations and comments! I always knew I have the best readers ever!! =)

    @Biba: thank you :) :) I saw random swatches of Zanna in the net but since then I knew I wanted it :)

    @Ivana: awww thank you!! Yes, this colour is nica and suitable for all occasions and that's why I love it! I also need some more nudes: not that I'm forced to wear them in the office, I somehow have a mood for them myself.. :)

    @Simona: haha thank you!! :) For me it's not boring, but some other people may find it so..

    @Antallex: спасибо!! Лак и впрямь хорош, скалывается только быстро (без базы и топа). Эх, будь моя воля, я бы вообще была бы свободной художницей в Барселоне, чтоб никто не диктовал, что можно, а что нельзя :)

    @Miss Jones: спасибо :) Жаль, конечно, что в течение недели не пощеголяешь в Атлантисах, но зато буду на выходных отрываться :)

    @Midnite Echo: hahah!! Then I'm also a grandma, because I love the colour. It's just I saw some other bloggers writing that these colours are "grandma-type".

    @-Diana-: thank you!! :)

    @Madeline: thank you :) I actually just took the photos with whatever was nearby, and it was a nice match.

    @Anutka: thank you!! I understand you, but I guess for you it's even harder because you also have to wear your nails quite short, right?

    @Annie: thanks a lot :) I like the colour too.

    @Ulmiel: thank you, dear! And for understanding as well :) I'll do my best to try to keep my pace (and quality) :)

    @Nailderella: thank you! This Zoya is really lovely..

    @GothamPolish: thank you :) I hope my daily routine won't influence much on the blog.

    @Akuma Kanji: thank you!! For me it's neither boring though :)

    @A Tiny Blog: hehe, thanks :) It's just for some people this colour is too boring (not for me though!).

  17. Lovely shade and not a 'grandma' color ;)