25. Juli 2011

piCture pOlish Blog Fest: Mellow Yellow

Today I was honoured to take part in piCture pOlish Blog Fest - a worldwide flash mob organized by lovely Australian girls, the founders of piCture pOlish brand. The colours for review were allocated randomly, but I was really lucky to get a trendy pale yellow creme - piCture pOlish Mellow Yellow:

The application was flawless, we all know that the cremes are sometimes hard to handle, but this was not the case. I applied 2 coats and it was enough for opaque even coverage; on the photos I was using neither BC nor TC, I wanted to be fair and to show the polish as it is. And it is awesome: both the shade, and the formula. Not that I'm a frantic yellow addict, but if it is to wear yellow, then definitely this one - pale and subtle pastel looks nice on nails of any length I guess.

That day I got compliments 2 times from random people, including a seller in a Kiko shop : ) She said it's a pity they don't have a similar shade hehe ^^ And of course I couldn't miss the opportunity to stamp over such a pretty base! 

In conclusion: uf, long post with a tonne of pictures, but it was worth it. Mellow Yellow is definitely a lovely pastel shade and a user-friendly polish that left only positive impressions... And Australians ladies are lucky, as I heard, to be able to buy it from a vending machine! Otherwise you can order the polishes from the official site of piCture pOlish, they ship worldwide. 

Thanks to those who made it till the end and I'm very curious to see other shades reviewed today!

*The polishes were kindly provided by piCture pOlish for review, however, this didn't influence my opinion in any way.


  1. Красота! Обожаю пастельные желтые и присоединяюсь к мнению, что они идут всем.
    Зы. Может этот вопрос уже задавали неоднократно, ты (я помню, м договорились ;-)) пьешь какие-то витамины или делаешь что-то нестандартное, чтоб добиться такой длины?

  2. such a beautiful yellow. :) I love the konading you did on it. <3

  3. Great swatches and the nail art is also very pretty!

  4. @Antallex: спасибо :) нет, ничего нестандартного не делаю, само растёт :) только увлажнять стараюсь почаще, т.к. у меня и кожа, и ногти сухие. Пила как-то витамины, комплекс для волос и ногтей, но эффекта не заметила.

    @Sara.H: thank you :) It's a great yellow indeed!

    @sonidlo: thanks :) I saw you're participating too and Iliked your swatches!!

  5. Seriosly! Your pictures with bottle in hands are soooo pretty, like proffesional. :) Really I'm in love. And a lovely combination with stamping, LOVE IT. ♥

  6. Очень красивый желтый! Соглашусь, пастельные желтые идут почти всем, в отличии от ярких желтых (у меня как раз такой случай)

  7. Oh, this is a really pretty yellow - and the stamping is gorgeous too!

  8. Really sweet color I love it, also love the stamping on it :)

  9. I'm loving this yellow. I'm SUPER hesitant with yellows because of my skin tone, but this yellow might be "the one." Thank you for your gorgeous swatch & helpful review!

  10. i am loving this pastel shade of yellow ..

    happy blog fest


  11. *dreamy sigh* I wish I had your nails. I love my nails, but I almost worship yours. They're beyond perfect. This kind of yellow is my favourite and it looks amazing on you!

  12. This is perfect yellow. And it looks so good on you.

  13. @Miss Jones: спасибо!! :)

    @Ivana: thank you so much, dear! Well, I think I'm still far from making professional pictures,

    @♥ Claire ♥: oh thank you!!

    @Bamboo: мне пастельки очень нравятся, хотя некоторые блоггерши\свотчерши пишут, что им такие желтые не подходят к тону кожи.. А яркие мне на себе не нра, если честно, а вот на чужих ногтях люблю смотреть :)

    @Nicole: thank you and I totally agree, it's a nice yellow!

    @-Diana-: thanks! :)

    @Kate: thank you for your comment, I'm glad this post might be helpful for someone :) It's a very "friendly" yellow, I think it might suit almost everyone's skintone!

    @Laura @ Sawan-Heaven: it is indeed, I like it a lot!!

    @Jeeya (De Frozen): I like this shade too! Just saw your blog fest post - great colour!

    @Ulmiel: oh please! Your nails are not less of a perfection than mine, they are always so neat and well-shaped! :) I also prefer such type of pastel yellows and btw I've noticed that we have a pretty similar taste for colours :)

    @Taya: thank you! It's a perfect yellow for me too!

  14. This swatch is beautiful...and your nails are gorgeous!!

    1. Thank you! That's pleasant to hear from a person with such gorgeous nails as you ;)

  15. This is such a different shade. Very pastel, something I'd be scared to try. But girl you make it look really good. ;) Congrats on making to the Top 15. ♥