21. Juli 2011

Psychedelic Pink Dust

Usually I'm indifferent to neons and megabright colours, but this summer was SO shitty in terms of weather that something insided me kept insisting on getting a couple of crazy shades. Just crazy shade was not enough and I chose one with crazy hologlitter - Color Club Space Case:

(2 coats)
BUT it turned out that this polish is much more boring in reality.. Hologlitter doesn't really stand out how I expected it to. Disappointed, I decided to bring more bling and topped it with China Glaze Fairy Dust. And here the party starts!

I have some more crazy blingy brights and I'd like to show them soon, but there are some circumstances that might prevent me from doing that, at least for now. You'll find out soon : )
This way or that, I really hope you all enjoy your summer and have a better weather than we here in Germany!


  1. That's a bright pink! I really like it with "Fairy Dust" on top :)

  2. I just love so much your nails! The most beautifull nails have I ever see!!! Congratulations!!

    And, this pink is perfect! I loved!

    Many kisses!!


  3. Sehr schön! Steht dir wirklich gut. :) Ich finde die Lacke aus dieser Kollektion ja sehr toll; Glitzer der nicht glitzert, verückt! :D Ich glaube ich werde auch mal Fairy Dust darüber geben. Sieht toll aus bei dir. Bei mir in Österreich ist es auch kalt. Bunter Nagellack sollte mich aufmuntern ;)

  4. I love this, looks gorgeous on your beautiful nails. The weather here in Holland is just as bad :( (can't wait till september 3 weeks to Greece <3 )

  5. I hope you enjoy your summer!
    I love pink on you, looks very nice.

  6. I love this colour! But apparently I love all colours :P Indeed Fairy Dust brought a bit more magic to the scene ;)

  7. Мне нравится и с топом, и без! Я тоже не особый любитель неонов и розового, но этим летом меня переклинило, и я к розовому как-то подозрительно воспылала чувствами :) С твоими загорелыми пальцами смотрится отлично!

  8. I had this too, but it just wasn't really working for me.. I think it was too pink or something.. The nice summer weather is here in Finland, it was something like +27 degrees celsius today and the weather has been quite nice almost all summer.

  9. Gorgeous!!!!! I just love your nails :D

  10. WOW! I am so tempted. such a beautiful color. LOVE your nails <3

  11. Soooo pretty on you. ♥♥ I looove your nails (I'm on repeat all the time I know. :D ).

  12. @Elsa P.: yeah, that's very close to neon. Without FD it looks boring I think..

    @Gigi: thank you, it honours me to read such things :)

    @Madita: danke! Dieser Sommer ist ja echt untragbar, wir haben schon seit 2 Monaten Oktoberwetter grr! Die Kollektion von Color Club finde ich auch toll, die einzige Farbe, für die ich mich entscheiden konnte war dieses Pink :) Die anderen sind für mich zu knallig, aber die Bilder von den anderen schau ich gerne an :)

    @-Diana-: thanks!! oh I envy you so much :( I was supposed to go to Greece or other Balkan countries to the sea, but I had to stay cuz of an internship :( Stupid, but I must do this.

    @Carolina: thanks! :) I would enjoy more if we hadn't such a cold weather :(

    @Akuma Kanji: I also love all colours (except for brown maybe) :) I think without FD this polish is nothing special.

    @Miss Jones: спасибо :) загар с моих пальцев почти улетучился, так что я опять белоснежка) Вот и меня точно так же переклинило, против розовых я никогда ничего не имела, но к неонам относилась скептически. До недавнего времени :)

    @Annie: well this one works with me, I just would like the glitter to show up better. I reeeeally envy you, we have +16-18 for the last 2 months.

    @Linnie: aww, thanks :)

    @Sara H.: thanks! :) The colour is cool, but the quality of the polish could be better though!

    @Ivana: thank you ^^ It's always so pleasant to hear :)

  13. Love love love the color!very nice nails!