30. Juni 2011

Hey! DON'T Get In Lime!

Yea. Better for your moral integrity not to. Obviously I'm speaking about OPI Hey! Get In Lime! now. Please don't misunderstand me: the shade is super lovely and it's very long lasting (I'm wearing it for the 5th day now, I have not time to repaint my nails, studies, when will you end?) BUT the effort you have to make to actually lay it on your nails...ufff... Let's see:

Guess how many coats did I need? You won't. If you say 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 - that's gonna be wrong. From 3 to 5 is the right answer, on different fingers different number. Something like this is happening to me for the first time in my polish history.

Ah yes, the photos are with top coat: if not SV you would now be looking at bumpy weird things. Okay, let me be objective, there are 2 good things about this polish: 1) it dries fast, 2) thin brush (?!?! do I have a fake or what? OPI experts, could you explain me that? Some OPIs have this wide dinosaurbrush, and some a normal one?).

Such a mthfkr is this Get In Lime. But beautiful shade. But if I could choose now I'd buy some close dupe. Because of this damn formula I don't think I'll be using it soon again...

Some random stamping:

Ladies, is it only me having problems with this one or it is like this by itself?


  1. The most beautiful nails that i ever see!!!

    Bjukas!!! =]


  2. One of my favorite colors. Mine is also thin brush, old black label OPI, they dry faster and last longer on me. For me 2-3 coats are good and I feel it's worthy for this color, I simply adore it

  3. Sad that you had so much trouble with the shade, it is just stunning on you! Maybe just a bad day? I've had plenty of those :D

  4. Очень красивый цвет и на тебе сидит как влитой! Про формулу могу сказать, что она имеет свои преимущества. Такие водянистые лаки обычно дольше носятся и выглядят не замазочно. У меня Гаргантюа ОПИ такой. Его очень запарно красить, зато во всем остальном - просто песня. Но, конечно, по 4-5 слоев накладывать не всегда есть время или желание.

  5. @*Eva*: thankz! :)

    @Gigi: thanks, I hope Bjukas is not a swear word! :)

    @Carolina: thank you, dear! :)

    @hermetic: I've read on your blog that you like it and saw your beautiful swatches :) Weird that I have such troubles with this polish, maybe I just got some unlucky version.

    @Anutka: exactly, such a lovely shade, but such a crappy application. Well, I'll give it another try to test for "bad day" factor, thanks for the tip :)

    @Miss Jones: да, точно, держался как прибитый. Ах, спасибо, что сказала про Гаргантюа, а то я засматривалась на него как на альтернативу Лайма, я думала, у него формула лучше.

  6. ohh, you have sooo pretty nail!! :)