27. Juni 2011

Pinky Tips

I'm still trying out the polishes from my last swap pack sent by Miss Jones and I must say I keep getting positive impressions! After Fashion Addict the polish I picked was Viva La Diva West Palm Beach, a lovely pale baby pink creme. Have you heard of Viva La Diva brand? Well I haven't, that's why I wanted to try it : )

What surprised me, was the dense formula. Usually for such shades we are morally prepared for a runny mess, but this was not the case. 2 coats, TC is recommended for evening out and extragloss.

Actually this might be a sister of American Apparel Coney Island...gotta compare them!

And then my sight fell on french tips stripes lying in my manicure box since high school or so. "No good" - was my thought, gotta use them! Here's the result: 

Tips are painted with OPI Dim Sum Plum and then I added clear rhinestones. Looks girlish/childish and stuff, but afterall I'm not that old to wear such manis : ) There are no limits for students! Yep.


  1. Dear God, what a perfect manicure!!! :O

  2. Perfect nails....perfect!



  3. Gorgeous! Your nails are SO beautiful!!

  4. It's beautiful, polish and your nails ;]

  5. I adore the manicure you have made! I think the colours match perfectly, a pale with a strong one! Can't miss! ^__^

  6. Красиво на тебе этот розовый смотрится. И окончательный вариант с ОПИ очень понравился. Интересно получилось.

  7. Perfect color! I like the way you did the tips as well! The manicure is just flawless!!!

  8. This is gorgeous love the combination..just perfect :)

    You have received the Top 10 Award: http://dutch-diana.blogspot.com/2011/06/awards-awards-and-more-awards.html

  9. Очень понравился сам по себе розовый! Я, в последнее время, полюбила вот такие пастельные замазки, хотя всегда была к таким равнодушна.
    Очень красиво на руках!!!

  10. @Irena B: thank you! I'm glad my mani deserved such a reaction :)

    @Paillette: thank you :)

    @Gigi: thanks! I'm following you for a long time already, no need to post the link to your blog :)

    @KimsKieNails: aw thanks :)

    @Liliana: thanks a lot!

    @Akuma Kanji: thank you :)

    @Miss Jones: спасибо :) Всё благодаря тебе!

    @Anutka: thanks a lot! I'm glad you liked it! :)

    @-Diana-: thanks! And thanks for the award :)

    @Bamboo: спасибо! пастельные замазки всегда были моей большой любовью :)