10. Juni 2011

Dotted Peacock

My camera has no idea about the existence of teal colour. Seriously. Poor American Apparel Peacock was so perverted in its reflection that I was shocked when I saw the swatches on my laptop. Good old Canon made it a deep royal blue (and my hands almost crimson). I had to spend some time photoshopping it back to reality. Butthead, teal is such a beautiful colour!

I know, I know, it's in no way a summer shade, but during the last days we have a gloomy cool weather with no sun, so it kinda feels like autumn here => great chance to open some darker untried shades.

Sorry guys, the swatches are a bit distorted in terms of colour balance but I was struggling to reach as realistic polish shade as possible. The application however was great, again a one-coater polish. I'm totally in love with AA brushes, they are thin and easily controllable.

Some weeks ago I received my dotters purchased on ebay (in order to get them I had to go to our city's airport to the customs service, but this is another funny story) so I couldn't but play around with them : ) Poor Peacock got dotted with CG For Audrey: 


  1. Обожаю такие оттенки! Полька дот очень миленько смотрится.

  2. nice mani, and nails... amazing :-D

  3. The blue (peacock!) is beautiful on you and you did a great job on the dots!

  4. My camera has problems with most teals and purples, which is too bad since I like those colors so much. Your dots are so fun!

  5. It's lovely! I really like it with the dots too :)

  6. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it looks like you own a LOT of scarfs :)

    Nice colour btw!


  7. Is beautiful, I'm amazed. I liked.
    I have a blog that talks about manicures, Aptec you see, will be an honor.



  8. i loved this color so much!!!! n the cute dots too!!! :)

  9. Да уж, цветопередача синих и зеленых цветов - это целая проблема. У меня свотчи Павлина, как уже понятно, далеки от реальности, а с фотошопом я так и не подружилась до сих пор, к стыду и позору своему:)Я все как-то думаю о новой камере, хотя это тоже не панацея. Наверное, придется все же взяться за корректировку цветопередачи компьютером. А тебе хорошо удалось "вытянуть" этот тил, очень красивый он.

  10. Dear girls, thank you so much for your comments! I'm impressed with the massive feedback, it probably means that I'm not the only one who loves teal shades and polka dots :) Great!

    @alluring_mum: спасибо) я тоже такие люблю, но теперь их до осени отложить придется наверное..

    @Biba: me 2 :)

    @Nina: thanks! :)

    @nail crazy: thank you (:

    @mrsrexy: thank you, I like how it looks as well! :)

    @KarenD: thanks! :) Before I just had a problem with my camera when it tended to make my fingers red while swatching blues and greens. But now with this shade the pics it produced was a pure catastrophe..

    @Carolina: thank you!! :)

    @The Nail Buff: thank you :)

    @KimsKieNails: HAHHAHA! This comment made my day :) To be honest I'm using every textile around to make the swatches. Shame on me, but I just cannot make proper pictures holding the bottles :(

    @Uñas de Colores: thank you :) I'll have a look at your blog.

    @beingpretty: thank you, I love this colour too :)

    @Miss Jones: цвет изумительный, но пришлось помучиться, это да.. обычно я довольна своей камерой, но этот оттенок она никак не хотела снимать. Кстати я тоже не особо дружу с фотошопом, я там знаю только "повернуть картинку" и "баланс цвета", пока что хватает :)

  11. Mmm - Peacock is one of my favorite teal shades ... and I know exactly what are you talking about weird colors and hours of correcting them with software. :D

  12. @Shirley: thanks ^^

    @Gejba: good to hear I'm not the only one having problems with this :) I should then stop swearing on my camera so much..