15. Juni 2011

Alessandros (I)

In my stash there are 3 little cuties waiting for the magic moment to be taken to the seaside with me. No idea if I manage to go to any kind of beach this summer, but if I do I'll definitely include them in my luggage :) 

After seeing so many ladies wearing baby blue (manis of Miss Jones, Mrsrexy, Nailbamboo and Hermetic were my inspiration :) I had a strong wish to do the same. Actually I only have only one shade of this kind in my collection and I'll be showing it today - Alessandro Pale Blue Lagoon:

Generally I loved the quality of the polish (these are my first Alessandros), although I needed 3 coats it dried extrafast and I was wearing it for 4 days with no chipping BUT I do think these babies are fuckin overpriced!! Come on, 5 euros for 5ml polish bottle?? Is it with golden particles or what? Of course I'd never pay that price. The three I have I bought on sale per 1 euro each : )

And with some Chinese (is it?) upgrading: 


  1. Вах, какой нежный! На загорелых ручках здорово :))

  2. OMG!! The blue one is gorgeous!! And so cheap!!!


  3. gorgeous mani, love both the color and the design :-D
    alessandro have nice polishes but you're right, they too expensive :-/

  4. awww!! all the three colours are pretty!! n that baby blue is the cutest!!

  5. Тебе здорово! Красивый цвет )

  6. You have the most beautyfull nails I´ve ever saw!!! Perfect!! And this enamel is too much beautyfull!!!




  7. Que unhas lindas que cor maravilhosa!

    Ótima quarta
    beijos coloridos!

  8. Lovely colour :) I still need to find a baby blue polish :/

  9. Such nice colors :) and the blue one on your nails is sooo cute :) Love the stamping too.

  10. Again, I'm so glad to have such a massive feedback! :)

    @alluring_mum: спасибо :)

    @KimsKieNails: thanks! well, cheap because of sales, but I was lucky to get these 3 shades, normally there only shitty colours remaining..

    @nail crazy: thank you :) Yeah I'm also disappointed with their price..

    @beingpretty: thanks :) Will be showing other 2 very soon too!

    @Miss Jones: спасибо :)

    @Gigi: ow, that's a pleasure to read such things :) :) Thank you! PS. I liked your blog as well, I'm following :)

    @Margareth Gervason: muito obrigado! and that's all I know in Portugese, sorry :) but I got your comment :)

    @Elsa P.: thanks! Well this one seems to be a good option, but you can also try Avon Vintage Blue, OPI What's With The Cattitude or Nubar from their last collection, depending on your taste :)

    @-Diana-: thank you :) amazingly, I liked this baby blue on my nails too..

  11. Looks really good!

    I gave you this little award, you can see it in my blog, here http://polishthis.blogspot.com/2011/06/top-10-award.html

  12. @Annie: Thank you :) Especially for the award! :)