5. Juni 2011

EU Nails

Recently I went to Brussels with my friends, and during the trip I heard numerous comments like "Hey, you should have polished your nails blue and put some yellow stars!". Friends are friends :) They didn't know it was already in my mind, I just didn't have time before the trip! Well, now I do:

My freehand nail art [dis]abilities suck, that's why I resorted to stamping. Fast and easy. The polish used as a base is an awesome one-coater Essence Buddy Bear from LE I Love Berlin, I have already showed it. But just for fun, I'll post the swatches once again:

I love this polish and it's such a pity I don't have the whole I Love Berlin collection... just like Berlin itself :)


  1. Sehr schön! Ich mag den Lack auch sehr gerne. Leider ist es auch der einzige aus der I Love Berlin collection den ich habe. :(

  2. It looks lovely! It reminds me of a wizard cloak, which totally rocks! :)

  3. Looks great!

    She has now new Image Plates, the are Big and she has 7 designs.
    The are awesome! The are now in pre-order :-)
    Also you can see it on her youtube video.

  4. Here a link:

    Was total forgat that!

  5. So jealous of your nails! Mani looks great!

  6. So pretty love the color and stars.

  7. @alluring_mum: спасибо :)

    @nail crazy: thanks :)

    @Madita: Ich mag ihn auch sehr, vor einem Monat hatte ich aber Glück noch den grünen Lack aus dieser LE zu kaufen! :)

    @Ulmiel: hehe, wizard cloak?? I didn't even think in this direction, but now I clearly the similarity :)

    @Shirley's Nail Art, @Jean: thank you for the info, ladies! :) Shirley, your new XL plates look stunning! As soon as I have spare money, I'll order some!

    @mrsrexy: ow thank you, but you have pretty nails too! :)