23. Februar 2011

As Simple As That

Nothing intricate today, just accent fingers stamping. That's one of my few dark polishes cuz I'm generally not very fond of them, preferring light ones: pinks (hello, Ivana ;))), lilacs, nudes and lighter shades of red. Anyway, yesterday was way too gloomy, and I decided to turn to blues. See the result: 

The polish is Essence Buddy Bear from LE I Love Berlin, and, attention, it's 1 (!) coat! Lovely dusty dark blue colour, which was so easy to apply.

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  1. Wow! I didn't think much of this polish, but it looks marvelous on you! And I LOVE the pattern!

  2. Love the pattern! Definitely a less is more look ;)

  3. Heheheh, you're funny. :D But this one looks also great on you! BUT show me some beautiful pinks soon. :P

  4. @Ulimel: thanks! I also didn't notice this polish from the beginning..
    @Mieke's naildesign: thanks! i was too lazy to stamp all my nails + I have to doublestamp cuz of length...booooring! so I did only accents :)
    @Ivana: :) thanks! yeah, I planned smth pink anyway.

  5. I love this nails!! Color and this pattern ;)

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    xoxo ;*