27. Februar 2011

Aaaand Douze Points Go Toooooooo......


Okay, I don't remember if Portugal ever won Eurovision, but someone from Portugal has just won my giveaway :) 


The winner is Akuma Kanji, who is a nail art blogger as well, check her blog if you haven't done so yet! For me it's a joy that she has won, because she's one of my very first followers and most frequent commentators. So I do believe it's destiny :) 
I've just sent her an email and hope to hear back soon.

Thank you all for entering! 

As you know, that's my first giveaway experience, and I should say it was fun indeed :) :) If I could afford it, I'd host giveaways every week or so :) 
This giveaway was to celebrate 50 followers, but now seems that I'll have to do another to celebrate 100! I'm so glad and pleased that my blog is growing, really, and I thank all my readers who give me inspiration and drive for new posts! 


  1. I was so close! Lol :P
    Congrats to the winner! :D

  2. Thank you so much! I am very very very happy to win your giveaway, it is an honour! ^__^

  3. P.S.: No, Portugal never won Eurovision -_- :P

  4. Glad for you!
    Congrats to the winner!