13. Februar 2011


Not very inventive, I know, but still looks nice. What do you think?

I hope that at least looking at my mani my precious bf will remember about Valentine's day hehe =)


  1. I think it looks beautiful and feminine. I love it!

  2. I just really love this design <3
    I use it often also for my boyfriends birthday 2 years ago (it was his choice see my last blog post ;)) I love it because it is one of the few fullnails I can stamp twice on my long nails haha.

    Happy V-day!

  3. I agree with Carolina. So cute and feminine!

  4. Carolina & Angeles: thank you! I liked this mani too and I kept getting compliments :)

    S.: Danke ;)

    I soooo understand you :) I have two problems: in order to be able to play with Konad I have to file nails really short (according to my feeling) BUT even then I have to doublestamp my thumb. Grrr why are these designs so small...

  5. I love it! Probably the most romantic manicure I've seen for this year! ^__^

  6. ooh, this is so pretty! i love the roses :)