16. Februar 2011

V-day is still here!

My Valentine's day was a catastrophe. Like honestly. BUT I'm an eternal optimist (should I buy that Essie polish?) and I'm not gonna take it close to my heart. Instead, I always search for positive aspects. Catastrophe led to some honest and direct conversations which hopefully will make life easier for us both. Anyway, enough blabla, here's my mani:

(Essie Van D'Go konaded with Stargazer Silver Chrome and m64)

And here's Essie Van D'Go pure:

(in day light)
(and under the lamp)


  1. I loooooooove Van'd Go. :) So beautiful color! <3

  2. Beautiful combo... but I prefer this color under the lamp.

  3. nice color with lovely stamping :-D
    tomorrow will be better ;-)

  4. Great color and beautiful stamping and I just love your nails :)

  5. Sad to hear your v-day was a catastrophe, but your mani is very pretty! :D

  6. Thank you all, dear ladies :)
    @Ivana: my relations with Van D'Go can be described as "It's complicated" ;) The subtle orange undertone makes my skin look yellowish..
    @Angeles: well, I cannot stay under the lamp the whole day hihi
    @nail crazy: thanks) I have the same approach :)
    @-Diana-: thanks a lot :)
    @Miezziej: shitty day is already in the past and my mani is still on my nails, so I better enjoy the present :)