13. Juni 2011

Yes Love! Yes Glitter!

What an enjoyable name for a nail brand - Yes Love.. : ) Inspiring and positive, no? 
The same I could say so far about my experience with their polishes. Always positive. Another proof of that: Yes Love 39. It arrived together with its compatriots in a swap pack from Akuma Kanji

Modest look and a nice subtle colour. Somewhere in between pink and lilac. "Like". Application was tricky though, I needed 3 coats. The formula was a bit runny, the brush is quite good.

After wearing the polish plain for a day I remembered about one weirdo I have in my stash. The creature named BK Deluxe 55 was born (I believe) somewhere on the spacious lands of China. I'm not sure. Judging by its smell, it contains all chemical elements ever known to the human kind.

Nails covered with this polish look like covered with trash particles or pieces of some glittery remnants of wrapping paper =) But exactly because of this "trashy" look I liked this mani, it made me smile :) 

Ladies! Tell me about the weirdos of your collections :)


  1. WOW. Sieht wunderschön aus! Ich liebe wie der Lack mit dem Glitzer aussieht. :)

  2. The base colour is beautiful <3

  3. I have that Sinful Colors Ocean Green flake polish and it looks like this when applied (different color of course). I also have several polishes that are a -completely- different color than the bottle indicated, so it was a surprise applying each one.

  4. lovely... both the base color and glitters :-D

  5. I really like those kinds of milky, cool, pastel pinks! The glitter is kinda cute in a way :)

  6. I have something like that your weirdo,also from China,and I love it (but smell...);)
    This one is cute,and the color combo is beautiful ;)

  7. Красотища! Впрочем, тебе всё идёт))

  8. I always figure that pale cremes like this one will take at least three coats, then sometimes am pleasantly surprised when they only need two.

    I like your weird glitter. :)

  9. @Madita: danke! Mir gefällt er auch :)

    @Elsa P.: thanks :) I love the colour too, it's very gentle.

    @Love, B: generally I love surprises, but sometimes I just get annoyed when the colour in the bottle is very different from that on nails.. Especially often it happens to me with Essie polishes.. :(

    @nail crazy: ow thank you ^^

    @The Nail Buff: me too! I love pastels in general..

    @Nina: thanks :) Ah good to know someone else has Chinese weirdos :) I also have Turkish ones, I might show them at some point hehe

    @tata-nadaver: thanks!

    @pchelka217: спасибо :) :) ах, если бы! Есть оттенки (красивые причем), которые на моих руках просто жуть.

    @Lydz: thanks!

    @KarenD: thanks :) that's true, but I was lately so spoiled with American Apparel 1- and 2-coaters, that I kinda didn't expect to lay 3.. Oh well, it wasn't so bad anyways :)

  10. I love the color and the glitter over it :-)

  11. Beautiful nails!
    You're on my blogroll!

  12. @Shirley: thankz :)

    @Oje Delisi (:: thank you! You are on mine!

  13. OMG, your hands look gorgeous! it's a pleasure to look at your pix!