29. Mai 2011

Swap №6

Yes, again :) 
If you see Andreia and Yes Love polishes, you might easily guess that this swap pack came from Portugal. Namely, from a lovely nail blogger Akuma Kanji, with whom I had already a pleasure to swap before :) Check her blog, she's doing great manis and she's currently having a giveaway!
Thank you so much, dear Akuma Kanji!!! I enjoy everything you sent me and I'll be posting the swatches in the nearest future! Starting today :)

Left to right:
Andreia 63
H&M Peppermint Fusion
H&M Daisy
H&M Hunt Me Down
Yes Love 39
For me most of these are rather autumn colours, but well, what to do if I like such shades.. :)
The first polish I tried was Andreia 63 because it looked really interesting in the bottle. Moreover I wanted to have it for a long time.

This is a cool and kinda unique shade. Does it remind you anything? I would say that one could get this tone if s/he mixed Essie Merino Cool and Essie Demure Vixen.

And this is my failed attempt to show how I was wearing it :)

So far, I adore the polishes I have from Portugal. You know why? They have a very special texture, something like half-jelly, it makes them look volumetric (oh what a word! :) and highlights the beauty of the shades! You guys in Portugal are lucky because I'd say this is a feature that Essence polishes lack sometimes..

Do you have any experience with Andreia/Yes Love/Risque/Cliche or other "Southern" polishes? I'm sure some of you do - please share your opinion!


  1. Ногти у тебя загляденье!

  2. @alluring_mum: спасибо :)

    @nail crazy: I like it as well, it seems complex and interesting to me.