17. Mai 2011

Pretty Jules

Still getting to know Zoya polishes.. and the more I do - the more I like them: starting with the shape of the bottles and ending with drying time. All the rest is just self-evident: lovely shades, top quality and long-lasting finish. Today I'm showing you Zoya Jules, which I got from one of my swaps

First three swatches made under the sunlight to show Jules in all its beauty. I love beige shimmers, they are a good option when you are "tired" of colour but you still don't want to wear a nude polish. Overall, this shade seems very pretty to me and I guess it's worth having.

Below you can see some efforts to stick a decal. I must confess, my creativity level is just being extremely low during the last two weeks. Maybe I need some travelling to boost my inspiration? 


  1. Очень красиво! Уже много свотчей с ней видела, вроде нравится, но почему-то никак не решу, брать или не брать...

  2. nice, i love the colour :-D
    and your nails are perfect ;-)

  3. I like Zoyas more and more too :) And Jules looks very pretty on the first three pictures! By the way, your nails are gorgeous...

  4. Very pretty! Zoya does some great colors, it's true.

  5. @alluring_mum: да, эта Зоя непонятная какая-то :) Я тоже не могла понять сначала, нравится она мне или нет, но сейчас не жалею, что взяла ее :)

    @nail crazy: thanks!! I also love this shade :)

    @sonidlo: thank you :) me too, my love for Zoya grows stronger and stronger :)

    @KarenD: exactly! Zoya is one of my fav brands in terms of colour palette!