11. Mai 2011

Models Own. So do I!

I know, I know, it's almost summer, but I missed my good old dusty purples.. especially untried ones! Some time ago I just randomly scored a good deal on ebay for this polish - Models Own Purple Ash. It was the first time to try this brand (I looove new brands), and I should say it was a pleasant experience :) 

Again, after enjoying the colour for a day, I realized that I missed stamping : ) It was already hard with this nail length (should have taken Shirley's plates!), but still doable:

Do you also own what models own? :) Do you like these polishes?

P.S. Welcome to all of the new followers (and greetings to the old ones, of course), recently I had a big influx of you guys!


  1. This color is so pretty and looks very nice on you.
    I don't own any Models Own yet :(

    Congratulations on your new followers!!

  2. Beautiful color, beautiful nail.



  3. Wunderschöne Farbe! Sieht toll aus zu deinem Hautton. :) Ich habe ein paar Models Own Lacke, aber diesen leider nicht. Ich liebe Grace Green! xx

  4. lovely colour... nails too, i love this mani :-D

  5. I am one of your new followers. I have to say I love this shade and your stamping is really pretty. I especially love the way you use fabric in your pics.

  6. @thalie: thank you! and you are welcome in my blog :) I use fabric because I don't know how to hold the bottles in a decent way lol

    WHERE THE F did all the comments disappear? Damn Blogger!!

    Dear girls who commented on this post: I saw all the comments - thank you all! :) :)

  7. Очень красивый лак. Обожаю сложносочиненные такие цвета.

  8. @Miss Jones: мне такие тоже очень нравятся! Прямо не могу себе сказать "стоп": у меня в коллекции еще 5-6 подобных :)