16. Mai 2011

A Hint Of Mint

Being tired of "conventional" colours like reds, pinks and lilacs, I decided to resort to green. Nothing hard rocking, just a pleasant pastel greenish Essence A Hint Of Mint

In my opinion this shade is nice for spring, as well as its sisters from Essence Blossoms etc. LE, which to my shame I didn't try out yet except for the yellow one. Later on, I tried to be a bit creative and to do a gradient, but unfortunately it didn't lead to anything decent :(

(Essence A Hint Of Mint - 2 coats
sponged with Wet'n'Wild Carribean Frost
and China Glaze Atlantis)
But well, we all fail from time to time. Next time will be better :)


  1. I think that looks pretty nice actually :)

  2. Such a pretty color, I have two of this collection and realy love them.

    I also love you nails ♥

  3. Very pretty! I like this slight touch of mint. Very spring like!

  4. @Bregje: thanks :)

    @tata-nadaver: I like it as well :)

    @-Diana-: thankz :) I have the whole collection, couldn't choose 1 or 2 out of them and bought all..

    @Anutka: thank you! I also like such shades :)

    @nail crazy: yes, it's a lovely one! :)

  5. Очень необычный цвет. Похож на пастель хаки. :) Красиво на ногтях смотрится.