20. Mai 2011

Have you heard...

...an expression "German quality"? Surely you did :)
This time it's not about cars or industrial equipment, it's about nail polish of course: Catrice Dirty Berry could be a good example of perfect quality for a reasonble price. See yourself!

Now under the sun to show a subtle (!) holoeffect:

For a long time I was hesitant if I should get this polish (it's my first Catrice, shame on me), but swatches of Stickers, Annie and some other have convinced me totally. So, as you understand, I never regreted. Perfect application in 2 coats, fast drying, lasts long. Hooray to Catrice, I'm gonna get to know this brand better now! :)

P.S. This is a planned post, I'm being on a trip in Belgium, but be sure I'll post, read and answer your comments when I'm back! 


  1. This looks great on you! Beautiful color.

  2. Es precioso este color y, además, queda genial sobre tus increíbles uñas... Un combo perfecto!
    Besos! ;-)

  3. Ahahahah, this was the first one I tried from our swap! I completely agree in everything you wrote! And I add again: excellent nail polish!!!

  4. Какая прелесть!
    Как вам качество этой марки?

  5. this color ir very pretty.


  6. @Carolina: me too :) It looks great on your nails too, I saw it :)

    @Nola: thank you! I like it as well!

    @Angeles: muchas gracias, este color me parece muy muy precioso también!

    @Akuma Kanji: it's just I was sooo inspired with this polish that I wanted to share it with you :) :) I'm glad you liked it!

    @Miss Jones: спасибо :) качество ОЧЕНЬ даже, по крайней мере у этого лака. Надо попробовать другие оттенки, но в основном о Catrice я читала положительные отзывы у местных блогерш.

    @Bel: gracias :) no es necesario dejar el link de tu blog, ya te sigo hace tiempo :)

  7. It's really a great color and I'm sooo glad you sent it to me, otherwise I wouldn't have it. :) So of course it's no surprise to me that you liked it, I think almost everyone would if they'd try it. :)

  8. @Annie: I was doubting about it for some time, but when I first tried it... it was love from the first nail :)