27. Mai 2011


Please meet my first American Apparel polish! It's name is Coney Island, it's baby pink and it made the whole way from US to me, sent in a swap with Carolina together with it's 2 AA sisters and others. 

American Apparel Coney Island

American Apparel Coney Island
Unlike many girls/bloggers I know, I don't mind wearing pink. Especially such a muted pastel shade, I love it. The texture however was weird!! It's thick, covering in 2 coats, but sometimes bumpy, you have to be careful when applying the polish. What is a really helpful tip - use topcoat with AAs, it makes the polish look ideally flat and it lasts long. 

Since I cut my nails, I can now do some stamping :) Which I couldn't miss!

Used products:
American Apparel Coney Island x 2 coats
Konad m64 plate
Stargazer Chrome - Silver

Do you like pinks/baby pinks? 


  1. Sooooo pretty !
    I love baby pinks, I'm even wearing second honeymoon from O.P.I right now ! :)
    Xx. S

  2. Wow,I love it!!!It's beaautiful with that silver stamp O_O

  3. I looooooove it!!
    I need to get this one for my self.
    The stamping is perfect for your nails.

  4. I think this is probably one of the best manicures you hbave ever done!!! ;D

  5. hi :)
    sieht superklasse aus!! ich liebe ALLE pinks - leider sieht baby pink auf meinen nägeln nicht so gut aus, nur dunkleres.

  6. Очень милый розовый!
    Про текстуру очень знакомо. Похоже, качество АА сильно варьируется от цвета к цвету.

  7. this looks so pretty! love it! :)

  8. Coney Island is lovely, a good "makes you look tan" color.

  9. Love that color, love the stamping, and love the short nails :)
    Beautiful mani! I really enjoy your blog :D

  10. @S.: thanks! I wouldn't say I'm a huge fan of baby pinks, but recently I just felt I'd like to have such shade on my nails..

    @Nina: thanks! I like the result too :)

    @Carolina: thanks! hehe happens to me very often, when I get some polish for a swap, then I see the swatches and start wanting it for myself :)

    @Akuma Kanji: oh wow, even so! Thank you very much :) :)

    @thetinyfishlikesthepolish: ich trage auch gerne Pinks! Bei mir (also auf meinen Nägeln) sehen die korallenrosa Farben nicht so gut aus, aber ich mag die soo sehr :(

    @Miss Jones: захотелось девчачьих оттенков :) Про текстуру - очень верно, сейчас накрасила ногти AA Malibu Green - совсем другая песня!

    @goblinrush: I fell in love with this shade too :)

    @GothamPolish: I love the colour, but in my case it was "makes your hands look greyish" polish. Not too much though :)

    @Anutka: thanks a lot! Sometimes I'm just bored of my long nails.. I also like your blog :)

  11. С удовольствием посмотрела бы на Малибу на ваших ногтях. Покажете?

  12. @Miss Jones: обязательно :)