3. Mai 2011

Swap №4

Guess what? I have swapped again :) This time I the swap pack went further than Europe - to US, to a lovely blogger Emily from Squared Nails. Swapping shortens our wishlists, and this time mine was shortened significantly. Look at the amazing polishes I got: 

Left to right:
                            OPI Do You Lilac It?
OPI Dim Sum Plum

                                            Zoya Caitlin
Zoya Jules
Zoya Marley

   Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure (!!!)
Barielle Jess' Champagne Toast
China Glaze Midnight Kiss

If not this swap, I seriously don't know where I would get some of these polishes... Yes, most of them are on ebay anyway, but the price... That's why I'm so grateful to Emily :) 
Imagine, she put Barielle as an extra!!!! And I couldn't but wear it first:

No idea why, but I'm in love with purple foils.. which Barielle Jess' Champagne Toast is. With quite visible pink (!) shimmer. To show you two other purple foils I have, I did a quick comparison between Barielle Jess' Champagne Toast, Nubar Vaso and Essence Fairy Berry from Fairytale LE:

To my relief, they turned out to be all different (Barielle has a blue undertone, and Essence is the most intense purple). Great, cuz I don't want to collect dupes in my stash.

What about you, my dear readers? Do you like foil finish?

P.S. In case you wonder where's the post about Swap №3 - there was nothing special, I just exchanged this mthfk@&%#@ for Essie Merino Cool :) 


  1. I really like the Zoya colors... They're beautiful!

  2. Really nice swap and I love foil finishes luckily I have the Essence one <3

  3. I love foil finishes! This looks more like a dark silver to me, that's why I love it so much...

    Btw, I left you a award on my blog, too!


  4. @KimsKie's Nails: yes, they are so lovely :)

    @-Diana-: I just got them last week, 4 polishes from Fairytale LE.. I'm still missing the red one :(

    @Carolina: thank you :)

    @Soraya: thanks a lot for tagging me :)

  5. Все лаки очень понравились! С удачным обменом! Золотой ЧГ у меня есть, радует и цветом , и качеством.
    Лавандовый ОПИ и Зоя Кейтлин давно и в моем виш-листе значатся.

  6. @Miss Jones: спасибо! золотой наверно придется до осени отложить, как-то он у меня с весной-летом не вяжется.. хотя посмотрим :)