31. März 2011

Coral Loser

Just a quick post of a mani I was wearing two days ago. The #@$%@!& polish used as a base for stamping got all of my nerves :( Remember I was writing about an idea of making up a top 10 polishes post? - now I also want to post the top 5 (or more, if encountered) losers of my collection. Essie Haute As Hello will be the head of this 3, be sure. Actually not, this polish is such a loser that it won't even be able to win the 1st place among the loosers. Hoho, sweet revenge. I should admit though that in the end with a stamping design the whole mani looked not so bad: 

Photo above: here's how it looks under the sun - warmer than it is + my capricious camera. The pic below shows its neon tone. 

Okay, now 10001 5 reasons why I hate this polish:
1) The colour in the bottle is different from reality. In reality it's close to neon (!), although I was expecting pale coral.
2) The application is awful! You need at least 3 coats to even everything out; it's runny, and although it dries fast it's very easy to have scrathes and damages on its surface after it's dry.
3) The colour doesn't suit my skin.
4) Chips relatively fast.
5) Boo to Essie - could have done better for such price. 

And yes, I'm VERY biased. It's my blog after all =)

What are your polish losers and disappointments (from famous brands)? 


  1. nicht so schlecht? deine nägel sind wunderschön <3 ich liebe dieses romantische design!

    hmm...meine loser?! von meinen "teuren" lacken (ich habe nicht so viele) bin ich total begeistert. dafür hab ich ein paar von essence die ganz schön zickig sind :P

  2. I like neons so I like that manicure :) but if it is what you said, indeed, boo to Essie (specially when it's so expensive o_O). I also have some loosers (gladly I never spend so much on a nail polish) specially from andreia but only because they are usually a bit runny and the brush is annoyingly thin. But normally I manage to sort it out. But I remember clearly my frustration when I bought my first polishes from andreia, I just wanted to throw them out the door!