4. März 2011

Black & White

Recently I'm very fond of playing with these 2 colours. Thanks heaven Essence has releazed a lot of these colours lately, so I had no problems with supplies. I was figuring out what mani to do with them and after deciding not to invent the bicycle I stopped at something simple and decent. Like this:

(Konad Polish in Black over Essence White Hype from Black&White LE)


  1. I like it, what's the plate you used?

  2. perfect, i don't like it, i adore it :-D

  3. There is nothing like the beautiful and classic black and white ;) I bought a stamping kit but didn't like stamping that much so I gave it a way... but now Essence is giving me that desire again thanks to their little stamping kits and special nail polishes for stamping.... well... I'll see, I might bought one and if I don't like it I'll just give it away again :P was that an Essence stamping plate?

  4. @rock-or-not: thanks! I love this pattern too, one of my favs!

    @Honolulu: thx, that's konad plate m73.

    @nail crazy: wow, thankies :)

    @Akuma Kanji: I love black&white combination soooo much lately! And yes, I had a hard time with stamping at the beginning, but now it's getting easier and faster for me to stamp, so I'm having fun :) It was konad plate m73, I have none of the essence plates, but they are on my list. And I really advise you to buy the kit!! Although your free hand designs are great too :)

    @alluring_mum: спс :)

    @sonidlo: thank you!

  5. Gorgeous!!!!! No other words needed ;)