18. März 2011

Twists & Swirls

Buon giorno people! 
Having watched millions of swatches of "St. Patty's Day Mani", I even got a little bit jealous and wanted to paint something similar, but I've left this idea very quickly - I have no proper green polishes. However, this didn't prevent me from getting wasted with my kinda Irish and other friends in an Irish pub yesterday. Oh boy, it was fun. So, the green shamrock mani can wait for another year, and here's what I have today: 

(Used products: Essie Lovie Dovie stamped with white Konad polish + SdP B18 image plate)
Today I also want to mention one new product that I've used - stamping image plates from Shirley. I read about them in other nail blogs and decided to try, because it was written that the patterns are bigger than Konad ones and so I would avoid double stamping (which is my damn eternal problem!). So I ordered 2 plates, and when I got them I was amazed with the size of the full-nail image!! You can see it below (with comparison to Konad):                                      

So, I'm very satisfied. As soon as I have a couple of spare euros, I'll order again. And I do recommend these plates to ladies with long nails - your life will become muuuch easier :)


  1. They're pretty and this design is soooooo lovely. I love your mani so much! <3

  2. I would need this plates...!
    If konad are a little bit for me, imagine BM...! :-P

  3. ich weiß, ich wiederhole mich nur... mal wieder SEHR SCHÖNE NÄGELCHEN :D

  4. @Ivana: Thanks! I love the new plates' designs too.

    @Angeles: For this reason I don't buy BM's, I just don't imagine how short should I cut my nails to fit these tiny images!

    @Maki: aber DANKE nochmal :) :)

  5. cute nails, these image plates looks interesting :-D

  6. I realy love your nails.
    The combination of the colors is awesome 2!
    Great blog, realy like it to read.

  7. @ nail crazy: thanks, imho these image plates are a musthave for long-nailed ladies :)

    @ Shirley: thank you! I love your plates too :)