26. März 2011

Golden Nets

Being bored with the length of my nails and under the pressure from my bf who kept whimpering that they became too long, I decided to shorten them. For me there's no difference, I like them in any length, except for extremes of course. Another reason was that with shorter nails I can try out many of my dark polishes, which would look too "vampy" on long nails. Here's one of them, China Glaze Below Deck stamped with golden nets:

(Used products: China Glaze Below Deck stamped with China Glaze 2030 + SdP A09 image plate)
Regarding the polish: it's awesome and (!) it's a one coater! That was a pleasant surprise for me. Below Deck was the only Anchors Away polish which I wanted really badly, although I still like some others. And yes, I'm still playing with Shirley's plates! Stamping has now become so much easier..

So, what do you think: are you a long_nails_lover or you prefer short ones?