2. März 2011

Day of Joy

Today is really a day of crazy joy for me! I got 2 packages with polishes: one was an order from Cherry Culture, another one - a package from Ange, I have purchased some polishes at her blog sale at Scandalously Polished. Look at these cuties!!!
Right to left: Sinful Colors - Soul Mate
Milani - Gems
Milani - Dazzle
Lip Balm from Cherry Culture
These are from Cherry Culture. I've ordered from them for the first time cuz I wanted Gems SO badly. Well, so far only a positive experience. And this free lip balm has just melted my heart lol. I LOVE freebies.

Left to right: Finger Paints - Winter Dreams
Zoya - Trixie
Zoya - Andi
Zoya - Kelly
Orly - Lollipop
Orly - Pixy Stix
And these are from Ange. I'm insanely happy! Only those living in Europe (or Asia?) will really understand me, cuz Zoyas, Finger Paints and Orlys are so difficult to get here. Even if you find them, they're gonna be crazily overpriced. And look what she has added to the package as a present!!!

Left to right: Wet n Wild - Caribbean Frost
Wet n Wild - 610 
CND Top Coat - Super Matte
Soooo many lemmings killed! And moreover, these are my first Orly, Zoya, Milani, CND, Finger Paints, Wet n Wild and Sinful Colors polishes, can't wait to try them out!!! What should I start with? *scratching my head*

P.S. I'm now on my way to Saarland, West Germany, and I'll be back next week only, but I have a couple of posts planned apart from this one, so there's not gonna be a long hiatus :) I'll answer all the comments when I'm back!


  1. So glad for you!!
    Can't wait to see them!
    I live in Europe I totally understand!!
    I'd say zoya Trixie!

  2. I know what you mean! I get so jealous when i see all these gorgeous Zoya and Orly polishes that just seem worlds away to me! Gems looks amaaaaazing, can't wait until you swatch that one! and im interested to see if the milani one coat glitters are ACTUALLY one coat! Great Blog!
    Emily @emilysnailfiles

  3. Omg, what a haul. You've got some gorgeous polishes.

  4. loving all glitter colors right now. x

    p.s. I'm having a giveaway on my blog for a necklace from pie n the sky if you'd like to check it out. :) x

  5. Have a nice trip!
    Please, fisrt Orly Lollipop and then Zoya Trixie :D

  6. Thank you, dear ladies :)
    I'm glad you're sharing my excitement!
    @LemonyEmily: I'm also very curious if Milani is really a one coater :) We'll see :)