12. März 2011

China Glaze - Strawberry Fields

With all my love to nail art, konading, nail decals, etc - this is a colour just to watch at. I mean it's enjoyable and awesome by itself, and once I polished my nails with it, I lost even a smallest wish to decorate it with something else or stamp upon it. China Glaze Strawberry Fields is (at least for me) a so called self-sufficient shade, it doesn't need any improvements. Look at this beauty:

First pic is taken in day light, second - under the sun (2 coats). Strawberry Fields was in wish list even before I started my blog, but when I finally got it, it looked a bit weird and different in the bottle.. When I saw it on my nails, all the doubts were gone - it's amazing. 

Do you have any "self-sufficient" colours in your collection? :)
P.S. I have at least one more, and I'm going to show it soon. It's also from CG and starts with A. :)


  1. I don't think I have self sufficient polishes, I think I have no-decoration-mood aka lazyness, cause sometimes I don't feel like stamping or anything no matter the polish I've used.

  2. ohhh... und schon wieder wurde meine wishlist um einen beitrag erweitert! :) toller lack <3

  3. I like this. It's a yummy colour! :D I believe I have a lot of self-sufficient colours in nail polishes but that's because I love most colours! :D