2. April 2011

Green Party

Tadaaaaaaaa!! Historic moment. For the first time in my lacoholic life (which is actually equal to my human life by duration) I'm wearing green. I mean SUCH kind of green - not pale pastel or smooth mint/Tiffany colour. Now a prehistory: some time ago I fell in love with China Glaze Atlantis, later I bought it, but never dared to try. Untill a moment when I got Wet N Wild Caribbean Frost polish as a freebie and thought that it would be a perfect base for Atlantis, cuz the last one is pretty sheer. How damn right I was!!! Look at this beauty: 

Never in my life would I think that green would suit me so much and that I would adore it to a such extent! I'm positively surprised :) I've mentioned already that I'm to the joy of my wallet not very excited about holo polishes, but I am megaexcited about hologlitter! And of course, Atlantis is very close from getting into my top 10 polishes list. This nail polish is indeed a green party. When I was wearing it together with same coloured top, scarf, bracelet (on the photos) and earrings, my bf was joking that I can go directly to Die Grünen and they'd accept me as a member with no questions :) :)

So, what do you think about Atlantis? Do you have it? How do you generally treat green polishes?


  1. I like it, I have a similar color from Sinful and I have the same problem, for me it is just too much!

  2. Welcome to the green polish world! :D It looks FANTASTIC on you!!! Lovely combination, I love Atlantis too. About green - won't even lose too many words about it. If it's green, I'll probably either buy it or put it on my WL. Any shade of green, except neon. Green varnish is my weak spot.

  3. Very pretty! I like the color, but I have a similar problem. Most greens don't suit me, so I don't have too many ;)

  4. @ Honolulu: I also thought I'm too conservative to like such colours, but once I tried it...!!! :)

    @ Ulmiel: thanks :) Wow, I didn't know there are big fans of green among my folowers! Nice!

    @ Kayono: thank you, yeah, I fell in love with this colour. And I also was sure that greens would never suit me, until I tried it on.

  5. На Атлантис я так и не решилась, для меня это слишком экстремально :-) Любуюсь на нем на других.

  6. @ -Diana-: thanks, it is indeed :)

    @ Miss Jones: Я тоже долго не решалась, но когда накрасила им - влюбилась. Красивый он уж очень..