21. April 2011

Cirque du Glitter

Howdy, my dear readers :) Currently I keep on trying out the freshly arrived polishes from my latest swap, and so far I have only positive impressions. Right after the awesome Khaki I decided to turn to calm colours again and polished my nails with a nude which was nicely included in a swap as an extra. Very nice extra, I should say! :)

I should confess that before the swap I had only nude (beige nude I mean) polish in my stash - Color Club Who Are You Wearing, with which I have very complicated relationship. By itself it's a nice colour, but it make my hands look like a manikin and the application in 4 coats is just driving me insane. On the contrary, Yes Love 629 (they should come up with names, not numbers grrr) which I've received recently passes my skintone much better and the application is easy and pleasant! Thus I wore it for a day enjoying the colour and then decided to play around with still untried Milani Gems:

(Used products: Yes Love 629 - 2 coats + Milani Gems - 1 coat)
I did a mistake not to swatch the polish alone, but I liked it really much so I'm definitely gonna wear it again :) 

What concerns the glitter: I'd say these "Gems" are rather a circus in a bottle.. No doubt they are weird and funny and most of my friends were starring at my nails these days, but I just can't get used to them :) 
What would you say? Too colourful? Do you have Gems or their sisters (Deborah Lippmann Happy Birthday, Wet'n'Wild Party of Five Glitters etc.)?


  1. Wow, I think I have the same color but different number, mine is Yes Love nº138 :S

  2. So pretty! I really like these colourful glitters! I have HB, Gems and Party of Five (and Essence Circus on the way via a swap!); don't know why I have them all, but I guess I just like them all for one reason or another...plus one can never have enough glitter!

  3. Very nice!! It looks a lot like Essence - Circus Confetti, doesn't it?


  4. It's more beautiful than I thought o_o recently I also started to like big glitter nail polishes but I only have the glitter toppers from the Twins by Essence. But I love Gems and specially Deborah Lippmann Happy Birthday, they're awesome!

  5. wow it looks great. gems is just amazing, I'm about to see the bottom of my bottle. :)

  6. very cute!! I love the color combo<3

  7. @Honolulu: might be! :) I googled #138, but didn't find anything :( It's a pity there are almost no swatches of Yes Love, they seem to be decent polishes!

    @mrsrexy: I lately hit on glitter as well, so yea, I guess indeed there's never enough glitter :)

    @KimsKie's Nails: yes, but I like Milani more :) Moreover they say Essence has a yellowish base so it may change the colour of the polish a bit..

    @Akuma Kanji: lately I also pay more attention to glitter toppers (and polishes). I think Gems are almost a dupe of Lippmann Happy Birthday, so I decided to grab what costs less :)

    @Chune: I start to like them as well! :) Amazing how much I wanted to get them and then the polish remained untried for months :S

    @Prettyfulz: thanks! I'm gonna experiment with the colours further! :)