29. April 2011

Go, Katie!

Royal Wedding? St'arxidia mou! (do I have Greek readers? lol) What I want is just to show a sign of support to Katie. Imagine: you live your life, go to uni, fall in love with a guy - and he turns out to be a prince. Pain in the ass, no? Now for the last months poor Katie, instead of peacefully planning her wedding and chat with her mom what dinner napkins to choose, probably cannot make a step without bumping into a paparazzi. My sympathy, I wouldn't like to be at her place. 

Now to the polish: this one is the most British and the most expensive in my whole stash, however it's worth every cent, or rather penny, that I've paid for it: Butter London Victoriana

Colour, formula, application (I loved the brush) - everything is just top quality. Pity that Victoriana's "sister", All Hail McQueen, didn't arrive from evil lookfantastic because it was out of stock :( I bought both from sale, and that doubles my disappointment.

Now two question to my dear readers: do you have Butters? and will you watch the wedding ceremony? :)


  1. Nice color and I love your Greek ring with the meandros.

    I dont have any polish from this brand, and I'm not sure if I'll watch (I think I've already missed it have no idea what time it is)

  2. С Викторианой :) Она необычайная красавица :) Она была вторым Баттером в моей коллекции, и после нее я влюбилась в эту марку окончательно и бесповоротно.

  3. @-Diana-: I also didn't watch, I was stuck at uni.. I just saw a piece from some guys in mensa who were watching live broadcasting on a laptop :)
    Damn, you just made me realize that this ring doesn't pass here absolutely lol!! I just always wear it and I didn't even notice it on my fingers while swatching :(

    @Miss Jones: спасибо, она и впрямь идеальна по всем параметрам! а первый Баттер у вас какой был? :)

  4. I watched! And also wore a London Butter mani ;) It seemed most appropriate! I love this colour, and your photos are very nice!

  5. Lol I just love those greek jewelry I have earrings, bracelets, a necklace from it...but no ring or should I say not yet ;)

    I really love you blog so I tagged you for a Kreativ Blogger award.


  6. @Hayley: thanks :) I also watched a bit, I confess.

    @Miss Jones: Я была в этом уверена :)

    @-Diana-: me too, I love these meandros patterns! Thanks for tagging me :)