17. April 2011

Let's Get Serious

Now it was time that I take a lil break from green and blue nails. This week I had a couple of seminars with a very serious and old professor (he's on Wikipedia lol), and the last thing I wanted was my nails to grab any attention. As I still don't have my ideal nude (although as you remember I've found my ideal red woohoo), I had to pick smth among my pinks. Not neon. Not bright. Not even noticeable enough. 

The polish is Essie Flawless. More or less it justifies its name - almost flawless in application. Pls forgive my dry hands, riding bike at +5 definitely has an impact on them :(

After a day of wearing dull pink I added some rhinestones to spice up the mani:

Some other positive news: for the first time in my life I have won a giveaway!!! The last thing I won was a bottle of champagne in the night club a year ago hehe. So I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the post announcing my name! I got the whole pack of Manhattan beauties which were kindly delivered at 7 in the morning:

Pls share with me: what polishes do you wear when you want your hands to be neat but invisible? Pinks? Nudes? Other?


  1. I can tell you what I usually wear, but I think they are just Spanish brands or LE :( I use Kiko 220 (a shimmer nude) Essence Into the Wild (LE) Heart Chackra (light salmon pink - although it's horrible because you need at least 3 coats...) China Glaze French Bliss Ooh La La Pink or Yes Love nº138 (a lovely pink nude that's my favourite at the moment) Sorry i'm not providing much help!!!

  2. Schöne Farbe. Gefällt mir sehr gut an dir. :) Mir steht pink ja nicht so wirklich, also greife ich meistens zu nude oder auch mal grau wenn ich es eher dezent will.

  3. It looks wonderful on your nails. How many coats are there?

    As I remember it's my first nail polish in wishlist but I still haven't buy it!

  4. definitely clear! but now that my nails are so stained... i wear revlon's post-trauma nail treatment! it neutralizes the stains a bit, lol.=D

  5. Sehr schönes Pink. Es hat etwas edles und passt gut zu deiner Haut, finde ich.
    Und herzlichen Glückwunsch zum gewonnenen Giveaway! Ich hoffe, ich hab auch irgendwann mal Glück ;)

  6. I love your nails, they are just prefect <3.
    I think wearing nudes makes nails look neat, but they don't stand out too much =).

  7. Beautiful pink! I liked it better without rhinestones.

    Your nails are long ad beautiful...Perfect for neutrals...

  8. Красивая Эсси. Я вообще люблю эту марку, во многом за качество. Не понимаю, как у некоторых он умудряется ложится полосами и пузыриться (читала такие отзывы).

    По последнему вопросу: если мне нужны максимально скромные руки, то я крашу Essie Body Language или Butter LONDON Pearly Queen. Получается именно neat but invisible.

  9. Congratulations!!!
    When I want my hands/nails neat but not very noticeable I wear light colours, it doesn't matter which colour as long as it is light.

  10. @Honolulu: thanks for feedback! It is actually helpful, cuz I'm curious of the opinions of other nail addicts! Any types of, even with unknown polishes :)

    @Madita: danke :) hellgrau muss ich mal auch probieren, genau heute hab ich einen hellgrauen Nagellack beim Swap bekommen..

    @pchelka217: thanks :) это 3 слоя, но только потому, что прежде чем отсвотчить этот лак я с ним проходила 3 дня (в 2 слоя), и мне не хотелось выкладывать фотки с пообтертыми кончиками. А так в 2 слоя прекрасно ложится, думаю, не пожалеете! :)

    @terry: shame on me, but I don't have any clear polishes :( only top coats.. and my nails are not perfectly white either :(

    @Kayono: danke, scheint mir auch so, dass diese Farbe mir relativ gut steht :) Viel Glück bei Gewinnspiele - ich glaube jeder muss dieses frohe Gefühl erleben : )

    @colorfulbottle: thank you :) well, that's what I was struggling for - for my nails not to stand out.

    @Stickers: yeah this rhinestones are not my best attempt for design :) thank you! I think neutral colours suit any nails though.

    @Miss Jones: у меня с Эсси критически сложные отношения полные любви и ненависти :) Этот лак - как раз полюс "любви", во всех отношениях. Есть и другие, которые полосят до 4 слоя. От лака к лака, в общем. Essie Body Language (как он в нанесении, кстати?) я хотела бы иметь, но он копия моего Color Club Who Are You Wearing, а Pearly Queen для меня слишком Pearly :) Большое спасибо за отзыв!

    @Akuma Kanji: thanks! well, light colour is a very broad term for me, neon are also light ;P Kidding, I know what you mean of course :)

  11. That's a beautiful pink!!

    At the moment I'm wearing a nude color from Misa. I don't wanted my nails to attract a lot of attention, so yeah... Those colors are great when you want something else to stand out.


  12. Essie Body Language очень жидкий, мне обычно три слоя нужно, чтобы ровно покрыло.