13. November 2011

Blue Starz

Hellou girls! My pace of posting is still very irregular, but oh well, so are my life conditions. Hope for your understanding : )

Today I'm showing one very pretty lilac/lavender - Kiko #248 Lavanda Chiaro. Here I don't have much to say, the name of the polish and pictures are speaking for themselves. But don't be deceived with its seemingly calm colour - this baby is eye-catching (I judge by the looks of random people and my boss :). As for the formula, it's just as nice as all the rest 3 Kiko polishes that I have: easy to work with (2-coater) and fast-drying.  

In the artificial light the shade becomes a lil bit more "neony":

Aand some starry stamping with Shirley's plates:

Oh my, I wish I bought some more KIKO polishes this summer when they had sales. Maybe they'll have some special offers for Christmas too...
Announcement for the German ladies: 
- good news for those who don't have Kiko shops around! Kiko opened its online-shop and now ships within Germany (as well as to France, Spain and Italy of course). Free shipping during first 15 days after registration!
- Butter London (!) polishes noticed in Douglas (NRW)! Price: 16,95€.
- NYX polishes are sold in Douglas in Köln. Quite a nice assortment, price: 4-5€ (don't remember). 
- Essie Cocktail Bling Collection is now retailed in Douglas at 7,95€ (instead of crazy 12,95€). 


  1. Nice color! I always 'fall' for those pale lilac/lavender shades...
    And your nails! Awww, they're gorgeous!

  2. Очень красивый оттенок, особенно на естественном освещении понравился.

  3. I wish Douglas over here had that nice assortment as in Germany!
    Anyhow, Kiko has regular sales but one product at time. After polishes they had mascaras, now they have lip glosses. Let's hope polishes turn will be again soon!

  4. Ohhh with stars looks so cute ;)

    I started to write post in English so if u want visit me :) The last review: Polish from Artdeco - Dress Up Your nails! number 251 :)

  5. The color looks beautiful and I love the tiny stars! So cute!!

  6. the stamping is just beautiful....and wow what a pretty color! :)

  7. love the polish, adore the stamping :D

  8. Эти пальчики вернулись!!! Подари третью фотку сверху, класс!
    Оттенок очень понравился, сижу и млею )) И еще ты все же спец по дизайну, у тебя все нежно и изысканно получается. Подбираешь и рисунок, и оттенки профессионально

  9. @Stickers, moonchild: aww thanks, girls!! It's so pleasant to read!! :)

    @Miss Jones: спасибо! Он и правда очень приятный) Я вообще редко при искуственном освещении свотчу, но когда день длится всего несколько часов, и те я на работе, приходится..

    @Simona: ooo really?? thanks for telling! Now I cross my fingers that they start the polish sales again!

    @lady_flower123: thanks, I'll check your blog!

    @Annie, Lydz, Lendoxia: thank you so much, ladies! I'm glad you liked it!

    @Antallex: бери на здоровье :) эти пальцыщи никуда и не уходили! Спасибо, я стараюсь подбирать так, чтобы в тему было, не очень люблю китч на ногтях, хотя иногда так и подмывает какой-нибудь ужас безвкусный забабахать :)

  10. О, успокоила, значит я не одна такая ))) про безвкусный ужас )))
    А еще мое любимое - получить посылку с лаками, и самыми дикими ногти разукрасить. И так ходить пару дней. улыбаться )))